My Calea Zacatechichi / Calea Z Review

Calea Zacatechichi is a herb that is scientifically shown to increase dream recall, dream intensity and hypnagogic imagery.

Calea Zacatechichi ReviewAlso known as Calea Z or The Dream Herb, it has been used by Mexican shamans for millennia, and now modern-day dream explorers, to create a richer dream life.

My experiences of Calea Z have involved longer, amazingly vivid dreams, in which I've found it easier to become lucid. I believe it's the best dream herb for early lucid dreamers or dabblers in this field who want to experience greater depth and intensity in their dreams.

In the follow Calea Z review I discuss the types of dreams it has produced, where to buy the herb, where it's legal and how to ingest it as a means of heightening the intensity of your dream life.

DISCLAIMER: Before taking any dream herb, you are strongly advised to consult a qualified physician.


A Brief Backstory

Historically, the herb has been used by Mexican shamans for thousands of years to gain insights, such as the cause of an illness or the location of a distant person. Through the act of dream incubation, unconscious information comes to them in their lifelike dreams.

Today, people use The Dream Herb to increase the overall vividness and intensity of their dreams, for entertainment and for experimentation. Remarkably, the herb has this powerful effect even if you don't normally remember any of your dreams. I've taken Calea Z sporadically for a few years now to push the boundaries of my dreamworld and I'm happy to report some really positive effects on my lucid and non-lucid dreams.


My Calea Z Review

Calea Zacatechichi DreamsIn 2009, I had my first Calea Zacatechichi experience. It was fascinating. It produced some highly meaningful and vivid dreams that left me waking up thinking WOW... They were like no other dreams I'd had before.

(...and I'm a lucid dreamer...)

As dream herbs go, Calea Z is a good one to start off with because:

  • The capsules have little or no effect on waking consciousness.
  • It intensifies and prolongs your dreams on an epic level.
  • It creates vivid dreams even in those who never remember.
  • It does not spark sleep paralysis (which can be a good thing, but too many beginners are scared of this state).

Though it can certainly open the gateway to lucid dreaming, the really meaningful aspect of Calea Z is its ability to take you on an incredible dream journey. I'm talking about the kind of dreams that change you - even more, perhaps, than many of your waking experiences.

I've had lucid and non-lucid dreams with Calea Zacatechichi; each highly memorable in their own right. I've never had any nightmares on it. (Nightmares may, of course, be possible: any night of dreaming may be exposed to unpleasant or traumatic content.) But I don't think this herb creates nightmares intrinsically - our emotions do that.

My approach is to take Calea Zacatechichi in capsule form after about 4-6 hours of sleep. This is the ideal time to practice lucid dreaming, too, because your REM sleep is extended in the early morning, so you make maximum use of your dreamiest sleep cycles.

Calea Z DreamsSome of my Calea Z dreams have been far removed from this world, conjuring up alien planets and futuristic cities. My favorite was when I dreamed I was living in an advanced alien civilization.

I can still remember how I felt to live in a world of the future - it was reminiscent of Iain Banks Culture lore - and that feeling still runs through me like I have lived another life. Just thinking about that dream now makes me want to write a novel or paint a picture -- to do whatever I can to fully re-enter that world in my imagination and try to capture it for others. It was simply awesome.

And in that dream, time seemed to stretch, and I perceived a great deal in what must have been 30-60 minutes of dreaming. It was like watching an epic movie that spans centuries: you feel like it lasted longer because you watched so much time pass. That's about as close as I can explain it. Flashing through someone's life while instantly understanding all that they had felt and experienced during the course of many years via implanted memories.

When I woke up, I was mildly stunned to be in this reality. My normal life - without flying cars, or skyscrapers that ran into the clouds, or alien people, or the sense of adventure - seemed quite boring in comparison. But I was euphoric at the memory and wanted to write it all down before it drained away. Now, many details of the dream are lost, even after writing it down, but the emotional content stays with me, a feeling I can't re-define.

Others have reported incredibly realistic Calea Zacatechichi dreams, sometimes with complex plots and gripping drama, others with more trivial content but profound intensity nonetheless.

Amazingly, that includes people who don't normally remember any dreams at all. So in my view, Calea Z is something to consider if you have real problems with your dream recall, and are looking for a way to get closer to your dreamworld.


Where to Buy Calea Zacatechichi

You can buy Calea Z from Amazon in the form of dry leaf capsules or liquid tincture.

Capsules are the best way to go, I believe. But here is some rough guidance on the various alternative ways of taking it:

Tincture: Calea Z liquid tincture is made from the dried material and reduced down. Add this to your regular night-time tea, starting with a small dose and working up each night to find your personal sweet spot.

Capsules: Take 1-2 Calea Z capsules after 4-6 hours sleep. This gives you sufficient deep sleep before embarking on longer REM cycles.

Tea: Many people agree that drinking bitter Calea Z tea tastes awful. If you decide to make dream tea, add plenty of honey and drink it slowly.

Smoke: Inhale the dry leaf extract before returning to sleep. You may feel a little buzzy but the majority of effects occur in dreamland.

NOTE: Allergic reactions are rare, but possible. To reduce your risk, try a very small dose first and check for any unusual effects. Dose sizes should start small and scaled up if needed. There are no documented cases of overdose.


Final Thoughts

It helps if you incubate your chosen lucid dream as you fall asleep. This means visualizing your desired dreamscape and directing your awareness into that scenario, engaging all the senses. Tell yourself (in your mind) that you will lucid dream tonight and relax into the experience.

Calea Zacatechichi ReviewDon't feel pressure to have a lucid dream. Whatever your experience, if you take the right dose then your awareness will be heightened significantly. What's more, the dream plot may well dazzle you, which is something that often gets lost when our conscious ego takes control of our dreams...