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Meteor Shower in The Still of The Night

Meteor Shower by Rebecca Turner

Meteor Shower

I am lucidly exploring a peaceful night-time environment with lights in the distance and the air warm around me.

I heighten my lucidity by intertwining my fingers and clasping my hands together firmly, saying "I'm dreaming".

I look up to the sky and at first there isn't much to see. But then stars begin to appear as if on command. I stand there just stargazing for a while and as I stare into the blue, it comes to life in impossible ways.

I can see constellations being mapped out at first, then swirls of light wander across the sky. It is unreal but I feel like I've seen all these images somewhere before.

Then a meteor explodes and scatters into pieces which fall far too slowly toward the ground. It feels so far away it's more like a distant firework display, bright and soundless.

The night remains calm and still but magical as I move off around the dreamscape in search of dream characters.

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About The Author

About the author

Rebecca Turner is the creator of World of Lucid Dreaming where she offers valuable first-hand insights. Learn more about Rebecca. Take her home study program. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and the lucid dream forum.