Can Everyone Lucid Dream?

by Shawna via Email

Is it possible for everyone to lucid dream? Because I have been trying since the beginning of last summer and all that has happened is I got like a 5 second lucid dream. What am I doing wrong?

Rebecca Casale

Rebecca says: Experts tend to agree that anyone who dreams can also lucid dream. It is a matter of bringing waking consciousness to the dreamworld.

Children can spontaneously lucid dream; one reader remembers having lucid dreams as early as three years old. And even those in ill health, like sufferers of Parkinson's Disease can have lucid dreams as a side effect of their medication.

Lucidity is a state of awareness where the conscious meets the unconscious mind. Like people who practice OBEs, hypnosis and meditation. These are all different states of mind that come with practice and the right techniques.

The only way to guarantee lucid dreams is consistency of practice. Write down at least one regular dream every day. Question your reality as often as possible, because this self awareness is how you become lucid in a normal dream.

  • The WILD method will create instant results once you master it. It's also very empowering as you learn how to teleport your awareness anywhere you can possibly imagine.
  • The MILD method is really easy and, with patience, will create spontaneous lucidity within a normal dream. Just be persistent at it!
  • The Wake Back To Bed method works for most people. Although it is bothersome to get up early, it gives very good results. I have most of my lucid dreams in the morning, after waking up, then I fall back to sleep again and go lucid. It helps if you give yourself 30 minutes to lie in, so set your alarm early and then do some lucid dream methods.

Keep the idea of lucid dreaming on your mind during the day. I have more lucid dreams when I read books on the subject, so see what you can get at the library or online (even this website!) All this information filters through to the unconscious at night, and can help you realize when you are dreaming. Your first one was the hardest to achieve, so congratulations! Don't be put off because it only lasted 5 seconds - that happened to me at first too. It's the act of becoming lucid that counts. The next few may come quickly in succession, then you may not lucid dream again for weeks. As long as you are consistent and rack up more lucid experiences, it will get easier and easier, and soon you will have really long lucid dreams with amazing dream control.

About The Author

About The Author

Rebecca Casale is a lucid dreamer and a science writer with a special interest in biology and the brain. She is the founder of World of Lucid Dreaming and Science Me.