Is This Lucidity?

by Steven via Email

A couple of days ago I (think) I had a lucid dream. I could remember it very vividly and all but when I was in there, it felt like I was just going through the motions. Like for example, I was in another room of the house and I look outside and it was very bright and sunny. I could see people moving and things like that but I felt like I couldn't exactly control anything. I felt like I was going through the motions and I was just watching my dream self do whatever happened.

Maybe even just knowing I was dreaming but just watching the dream unfold and not have any control whatsoever. It didn't last too long (maybe like 5-10 minutes; couldn't really tell). It was extremely blurry and I felt like I wasn't in my dream body. If this is what you would call entering lucidity (from what I've read, it feels like how you're feeling at this moment very real etc). I had another lucid dream (my first one) and it was exactly like the one I had a few days ago.

Rebecca Turner

Rebecca says: Sounds to me like you were only partially lucid. So you had a sense that you were dreaming, but all the cool stuff was missing (vivid sense of self awareness, clear senses, clarity of vision, and control of the dream). I wrote an article on common mistakes and this is a classic problem among beginners, but easy enough to resolve. Check out #5 (Dream Stabilization) in these 10 Mistakes Made by Beginner Lucid Dreamers. I hope that gives you greater lucidity in your next lucid dream.

About The Author

About the author

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