How to Have Lucid Flying Dreams

Flying dreams can be the most uplifting, liberating and instantly gratifying lucid dreams there are. Every lucid dreamer has done it. If you're like me, you'll fly, float, soar, hover and glide every time you're lucid. It never gets old.

If you've never had such a flying dream before, here's a taste. It's a clip of flying scenes from the video game Just Cause 2, demonstrating visual and audio sensations you might aspire to in your lucid dreams.


How to Have Flying Dreams

Now it's helpful to understand that some people are complete naturals when it comes to launching and controlling their lucid flying dreams.

However, some of us need some pointers. That's because flying in lucid dreams is not necessarily easy for the uninitiated.

How to Have Flying Dreams Illustration

It's not your typical experience to be able to fly in reality - so when you try to shoot off in the dreamscape, your conscious brain kicks in with limitations: "You can't fly! What about gravity?!"

Even when gravity isn't your concern, you may find yourself getting tangled in power lines, bumping into rooftops, or failing to take off altogether. It's really frustrating.

But why do we sabotage our flights of fancy? Why can't we just let go and have fun with it? After all, we know we're in fantasy land...

You Think That's Air You're Breathing?

The best way I can describe the mentality for having flying dreams is this. Remember in The Matrix, when Morpheus asks Neo how he beat him in a virtual reality fight? Was it because he was stronger, faster or fitter in the simulated world? No - his winning had nothing to do with muscle mass or speed or oxygen.

"You think that's air you're breathing?" Morpheus probed in their simulated do jo.

The lesson was this: Morpheus beat Neo because he truly believed he was better. And when it comes to lucid dreaming, it's exactly the same concept. You have to take control of your expectations. You have to truly believe you are a confident, experienced flyer. Then nothing can bring you down.

Have Flying Dreams Like Superman

Some people, in their very first lucid dream, have all the confidence in the world to jump off a skyscraper and shoot over the city like Superman. Lucky buggers.

When I began lucid dreaming, my ability to fly was faltering at best. At worst, I simply couldn't even take off the ground. I felt ridiculous standing there willing myself to shoot into the sky... only for nothing to happen.

How do we get around this? What's the secret to flying dreams?

The simple answer is to learn to walk before you run. Or in this case, learn to hover before you fly.

Step #1 - Increase Your Lucidity

Trying to control any aspect of your dream with only partial lucidity is a losing battle.

Your ego (and its desire to fly) is battling with your unconscious dreaming mind (and its own doubts about flying). So first you need to establish yourself as the pilot of this mission.

Do this by performing a reality check and affirming to yourself that you are dreaming. Do it several times.

Examine your surroundings, increase your conscious awareness of the dreamscape, and intensify all sensory input.

Now you're fully lucid and ready to go.

Step #2 - Bounce, Bounce, Bounce

Begin your flight training by running and bouncing along the landscape. Allow yourself to do low-gravity jumps but always come back to the ground at the end of each one. That gives you a mental safety net.

Allow yourself to bounce higher and further, feeling how each movement is smooth and easy. There are never any sudden drops or thuds as you touch back down - in fact don't even think about this. Maintain optimism. Flying dreams should, after all, be uplifting and even euphoric affairs.

Step #3 - Hovering High

Your next lesson requires you to build on this confidence. In your lucid dream, stand on the ground and hover just a few inches in the air. Remind yourself that it's all a dream and nothing is real.

Feel how much control you have over your own movement. Then hover higher - a few feet up - and again make some precise movements. Hover forwards and backwards.

This all just reaffirms how good you are at hovering.

Now, hover straight up, higher and higher, until the buildings below look like little models. This is the real test of your control.

If you falter, remind yourself again that you are dreaming. Keep your lucidity level high.

Step #4 - Soaring in Space

For me, the absolute best training ground for super fast flying dreams is in space. Everyone knows that there is no gravity in space so you don't have to worry about falling.

You can zoom about all you like and learn what it is that controls your movement while floating, gliding or rocketing at incredible speeds. The only problem you may find is remembering which way is up...

The best way to get into space? Hover up high. Expect to pass through a cloud layer and suddenly emerge in space, floating among the twinkling stars, with the blue planet in full view below.

It's an amazing feeling when you get there.

Your Flying Dreams

One of our readers, Joseph Kemeny, kindly shared one of his lucid dreams about flying along with one of his surreal dream-inspired illustrations:

"This was my first flying lucid dream I experienced a couple of years ago. I became lucid while dreaming I was in my house. I was very excited and decided to go outside and attempt to fly like I had been reading about in several lucid dream books.

I passed through a window without a scratch as if I were a ghost. Outside it was warm, green and summer like even though this experience happened in January (it always seems to be summer in lucid dreams!)

I then stretched my arms out and jumped into the air. At first I only went off the ground a few feet and then floated back to the ground like a feather. It's hard to completely remove gravity from our unconscious.

After a few more attempts I gained confidence and was soon soaring above the green trees of my neighborhood. Words cannot express the joy of this experience.

Eventually I became entangled in some power lines and had to struggle to become free. The dream ended and I found myself back in bed but I had a natural high for the rest of the day!"

A Lucid Flying Dream by Joseph Kemeny

Thanks to Joseph for sharing his flying experience and his amazing dream art.

About The Author

About The Author

Rebecca Casale is a lucid dreamer and a science writer with a special interest in biology and the brain. She is the founder of World of Lucid Dreaming and Science Me.