How to Control Your Dreams: Active Lucid Dream Control Tutorials

The art of dream control is much more than recognizing when you are dreaming. This section reveals the best ways to actively control your lucid dreams.

Let's talk active dream control.

This section is for lucid dreamers who understand how to become lucid - but find themselves flung into a strange and unpredictable dreamscape.

You may feel you have very little dream control and this is totally normal for beginners. That's because the dreamworld obeys very different laws compared to physical reality!

In the waking world, if you want something to happen (like walk forward three steps) you simply will it to happen and your body does the rest. As long as it's within the realm of physical possibility, control of your waking reality is easy.

In a lucid dream, the rules are changed. You are suddenly in possession of a ghostly, ethereal body that can run through walls and travel through time. The dreamworld cares little for Einstein and Newton. The dreamworld is governed by your unconscious mind, and it is your task to work with it - not against it.

The following articles may sound utterly bizarre to non-lucid dreamers, but if you have any lucid dreams under your belt you will begin to understand the language of the unconscious mind. You'll learn how to tame its logic and how to control your dreams.

All these dream control tricks will be much easier, if you have a reliable dream enhancement supplement under your belt.

How To Make Lucid Dreams Last LongerHow To Make Lucid Dreams Last Longer

It's the most frustrating thing about lucid dreaming. You finally realizeyou're dreaming... and immediately wake up. So how DO you stay lucid for longer?

How To Control Your DreamsHow To Control Your Dreams

How to control your dreams with clarity. My own first-hand lucid dream research with advice on how to actively control and manipulate your lucid dreams.

How to Maintain Dream ControlHow to Maintain Dream Control

Three ways to maintain dream control when you start to lose lucidity. Plus, why dream control isn't always what your unconscious dreaming self wants most.

How To Create Dream CharactersHow To Create Dream Characters

Creating dream characters is a matter of finding creative solutions - conjure dream figures from out of sight and morph the appearance of existing folk.

How To Reframe Your Lucid DreamsHow To Reframe Your Lucid Dreams

Reframing is one of the most potent mind hack techniques for lucid dreaming. An excerpt from Daniel Love's excellent book Are You Dreaming?

How To Free Your Mind in Lucid Dreams: The Jump ProgramHow To Free Your Mind: The Jump Program

Remember this scene in The Matrix? In the Jump program, Morpheus teaches Neo how to free his mind. The lucid dreamworld, too, demands this kind of mental reconditioning.

Setting a Lucid Dream IntentionSetting a Lucid Dream Intention

Setting a lucid dream intention means consciously planning an objective to fulfill to make your lucid dreams more rewarding. Find inspiration here...

Five Lucid Dream ChallengesFive Lucid Dream Challenges

Five lucid dream challenges for beginners: have flying dreams, taste delicious foods, run through walls, go star-gazing and talk to your unconscious mind...

Tibetan Dream YogaTibetan Dream Yoga

Tibetan Dream Yoga is a similar practice to lucid dreaming in the ancient philosophy of Tibetan Buddhism. Explore new depths to lucidity.

Lucid Dreaming SexHow to Have Lucid Dream Sex

It's the number one goal for many - but is lucid dream sex all it's cracked up to be? How easy is it for beginners?

Lucid Dream MirrorsThe Mirror Experiment

Find out what happens when you look at your reflection in a lucid dream mirror... And how to use dream mirrors as portals to alternate dimensions.

How to Have Lucid Flying DreamsHow to Have Lucid Flying Dreams

Ever wanted to master flying in your lucid dreams? Here's your step-by-step flight training - from bouncing in meadows to rocketing through outer space!

How to Have Flying Dreams - InfographicFlying Dreams Infographic

Many beginners want to have flying dreams - but flying in lucid dreams isn't always so intuitive. Here's how to soar like a superhero on your lucid quest.

About The Author

About The Author

Rebecca Casale is a lucid dreamer and a science writer with a special interest in biology and the brain. She is the founder of World of Lucid Dreaming and Science Me.