The Chronovisor – How to View the Past Like a TV

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Growing up with the thoughts of going back in time seems like a dream. But wouldn’t it be great if there were some gears to take you back to your past? More like a time-machine that could jump into the history of the world.

Yes! It is possible, at least, if you see it through the eyes of Father Pellegrino Ernetti’s time traveling-machine. His invention took the world by storm, as he proposed the Chronovisor.

We cannot confirm nor deny it's validity, but it appears that people are still trying to find out the truth about this creation. Was it all fictional or was there some truth behind this invention? And if it was real, would they really want us to know it worked?

Who was Father Pellegrino Ernetti?

Father Pellegrino Ernetti

Born in 1925, Father Pellegrino Ernetti was a famous Catholic priest in Italy. He began to serve the church and humanity from the age of 16. Apart from his priesthood, he was a musical scholar, as well as, a prominent exorcist.

He has interests in occult subjects, but the most fascinating fact about Ernetti was his love for quantum physics. This affection of his turned him into a scientist, which led him to create the Chronovisor. It is not usual to find priests with such qualifications and intellectual capabilities.

His strong background made his followers believe in his phenomena and finally, his device soon became a popular topic of discussion in the rest of the world.

Father Pellegrino never revealed much about his invention; however, he was stubborn on the fact that he gave a precious gift to the world.

A gift that could help people witness events, which took place hundreds and thousands of years ago. However, being opposed by a plethora of scholars, scientists, and ordinary people, Ernetti’s work is still a mystery.

Origin of Chronovisor – A TV to See the Past

It all began in the 1960s when Ernetti revealed that he had created a time machine, which permitted individuals to hear and see the real events of history.

He called it Chronovisor. However, his statement was first published by La Domenica del Corriere, an Italian news magazine, in 1972.

1972 Newspaper Clipping about the Chronovisor

According to Father Pellegrino, the device was an outcome of years of study that he did along with 12 famous personalities. He did not uncover the names of all the contributors but did mention the names of two scientists, who helped him in the development of the machine.

Ernetti’s machine was a lot distinctive from time machines, which you have seen in sci-fi movies. It could not reciprocate people in time but allowed them to view historical events in the same way.

For example, if you are given a chance to experience a five hundred-years-old incident through a time machine, then you can see it by tuning the device’s frequency to a certain level. It’s like switching to the History channel of ancient times to see the occurrences in real-time.

So, in other words, it was not a fancy car turned into a time machine, but a simple television that was meant to showcase the unrecorded and unseen Chronicles.


The Technology used in Chronovisor

History includes numerous masterminds, who have given extraordinary inventions to this world. But they have never been so reluctant on sharing their ways, efforts, and technology to finally give a proper working shape to their invention.

However, Father Ernetti has been indisposed to provide details about his creation. It seems like he never wanted to reveal anything, or was insecure to let the world know what technology helped him to make the television that could verify past happenings.

A little information is known behind the technology used for chronovisor. Since his claim, Pellegrino has been asked several times about the science behind his time traveling television. But he never uncovered his secret.

To him, his creation was just a mere accident that took place virtually. He further told Father Francos Brune that it was purely a simple idea, so he began working on it.

Nothing more nothing less; the information provided by Ernetti revolved around his words, and still, there is no evidence of such technology, even in this latest era.

Nevertheless, as alleged by Father Pellegrino, the device consisted of three important components, such as:

  • It consisted of multiple antennae that used to catch every possible wavelength of sound and light.
  • The device had a direction finder tool. And with the help of wavelengths, the tool used to be activated and received signals.
  • The direction finder permitted the viewer to view any particular historical event. Also, the tool made possible to identify any historical activities of a specific person.

For instance, if you wished to see the circumstances which became the reason behind the assassination of Julius Caesar, the direction finder would help you through it. So, you would experience March 15th of 44BC to see how the Roman Empire leader was murdered.

The last component included a series of recording devices to confirm the possibility of capturing images and recording sounds from any historical time and location.

The Secret Squad of Scientists

Behind every invention, there is always a team of experts, especially when it is about playing with time and space. Similarly, Ernetti’s traveling device was not just the outcome of a single man’s effort.

As a matter of fact, the inventor revealed to Father Brune that 12 scientists groomed the virtual accident into a reality.

In one of his conversations with Brune, Pellegrino told that he invited 12 major geniuses of the world to take his creation to another level. As most of the names are still missing from the records, two prominent personalities were identified who helped him achieve his goal.

So, among the twelve scientists, one was Enrico Fermi, who is known for designing the first-ever atomic bomb.

Enrico Fermi Atomic Bomb Designer

The second name he mentioned was of the German rocket engineer, Wernher von Braun.

German rocket engineer Wernher von Braun

He claimed that the entire team viewed several past events. They heard Mussolini speaking with the audience, and observed Napoleon addressing to the people of Italy. The team even witnessed the vegetable market when Emperor Trajan of the Nerva-Antonine dynasty had a stronghold over the nation.

But, it was already late to verify his claims by interrogating the two scientists, as they were dead before their names were released in 1992.

Ernetti’s Claim

As Ernetti claimed that the device looked similar to television that could tune into the past, people were amazed but demanded explanations.

It appears to be that the claim for making such a machine was just verbal, as the inventor said, “We saw everything”, but he left the world with several questions.

According to him, he explained all the scenes he and his team viewed through the visual time machine.

But when Father Pellegrino was asked to reveal the chronovisor publically, he said that they all decided to destroy the device, as it could have been a major reason for chaos for the future generations.

He further explained that the device was able to showcase some of the fearsome kinds of dictatorship acts.

So to him, dismantling the device was the only option to make the world a better place, especially in terms of political affairs.

Although Ernetti never revealed anything about the machine, he openly talked about the proofs.  

Evidence Proving the Reality of Chronovisor

Father Ernetti and his team might have seen several past stories on the TV screen, but they only provided evidence of the two incidents.

The first one was the complete Thyestes’ text, and the second proof was the photograph of Jesus.


The father of the Latin poetry, Quintus Ennius, was the author of Thyestes and he died in 169 BC. The world already knows about the Thyestes, as scholars have been learning it since it was published.

But, a few of the essential text went missing and wasn’t there in the publication. But Ernetti reproduced Ennius’ text and found the missing pieces through his device.

In the present times, many experts began studying the completed manuscript, but they couldn’t find any authenticity in the text. Dr. Katherine Eldred, a renowned researcher of Literature, studied the manuscript and converted the lines in the English language. Nevertheless, she suspects that Ernetti’s work is not genuine.

She believes that the text is too short, as it only has 120 lines while the majority of the plays are 10 times lengthier. She also added that Ernetti’s words didn’t appear in the Latin manuscript, and the text he wrote was absent for the next two centuries before the play was even performed for the first time.

Dr. Eldred also claims that the words used by Ernetti have limited Latin literature, as Quintin used indigenous language for the play, which is not present in Ernetti’s recreation. Therefore, she believes that the text is nothing but a fabricated piece of writing by Father Pellegrino himself.

Photo of Jesus

Jesus Christ

Another proof given by Father Ernetti was the photograph of Jesus on the cross that he captured through the machine.

If you look at the photo, you will find that it only displays the face of a bearded man while his eyes are staring up into the skies. But as the world is not easy to be fooled, someone came with the same photograph that was sold in Collevalenza, Italy.

The photograph was of one of the masterpieces by Lorenzo Coullaut Valera, who craved the statue of Jesus on the wood. This immediately turned everyone in doubt.

On the contrary, Brune believed that Lorenzo took inspiration from a nun, who saw a vision of Jesus on the cross. This made him to create a similar wooden sculpture. So Father Brune supported Ernetti’s photo of Jesus and clarified that both representations were true.

However, the nun is still unidentified, and Lorenzo never spoke about his discussion with her.

The Deathbed Controversy

A confession letter was sent to the editors of ‘Father Ernetti’s Chronovisor’ by an anonymous, who claimed to be one of the relatives of Father Ernetti.

The letter was a deathbed confession in which Ernetti admitted that from Thyestes to Jesus’s photo, everything was made up. But, Pellegrino never denied the existence of a chronovisor.

Father Francois Brune, as being one the closest associates to Ernetti, believed that all the evidence was real, but authorities pressurized Pellegrino to falsify his findings.

Conspiracy Theorist on Chronovisor

Where there are numerous doubts about Father Ernetti’s evidence, the conspiracy theorists are with the thought that the device was never demolished.

Contrary, it was seized by the authorities of the Vatican. They also believe that the machine is still being utilized to secretly command governments of other nations, as well as, to direct their economies.

Can You Really Tune into the Past?

Claiming to gather the remainders of electromagnetic waves residues in the open environment, and to rearrange them into a synchronizing image appears to be a difficult task, even if the most advanced technology is used.

Some scientists do believe that past sounds can be recorded, as the environment has preserved them for ages. They have even included this idea to one of the branches of science, which they call Paleoacoustics.

They think that the environment might have accidentally preserved the sound waves. So even if the concept has any possibility, then the idea must have been rooted in the mechanism of pottery, and phonograph.

When phonographs were introduced, the sounds were captured with the help of a tin cylinder rotated with a needle, engraving a continuous spiral groove on the cylinder’s exterior. The needle used to pick all the sound waves and etched the produced vibrations into the grooves.

After repeating the process for the second time, it produced a reverse effect that would allow the needle to vibrate. This would result in the playing back of the captured sound waves.

Similarly, a theory proposed by Richard G claimed that sound vibrations could be engraved into the clay. The soft clay on the pottery wheel would act as a medium to record voices. However, nobody has been successful in bringing back the ancient sounds through these methods, at least not yet.

And even if these techniques are proved, Ernetti’s machine to view the past as a television won’t be justified.

Reading about history has been the only way to understand the happenings which took place thousands of years ago. But Father Pellegrino’s chronovisor made the world desperate to watch the past through a television. Despite evidence and claims by Ernetti and his colleague (Father Brune), there have been no strong proofs to assure the existence of such a device.

So, if viewing the past was so simple, people would have learned from the mistakes made by their ancestors, and the world could have been a better place. But unfortunately, the concept will remain pseudoscientific until people can actually see the past on a television screen.

About The Author

About The Author

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