What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone?

"I keep dreaming about a person I used to know. Why do I keep focusing on this person and what does it mean?"

Very interesting question.

The simplest answer is: you need to ask yourself.

Everything in a dream has a psychological significance. Everything is a symbol.

This includes people. So, to reveal the meaning of a particular person in your dream, you have to figure out what they represent.

And this is going to vary from person to person.

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Here are some potential clues to start you off:

  • If you dream of a family member:
    Think about your relationship with that person. Is the relationship changing? How has the dynamic between you changed over time? Is the significance of the relationship changing?
  • If you’re dreaming about somebody you like (as in, have a crush on):
    This might have no deeper meaning than simply being a reflection of your sexual desire for this person!
  • If you keep having dreams about someone that did something to you:
    Think about what they did. What impact did this have on your life and your perspectives? Was it positive or negative? Have you fully integrated the experience into your life, or does conflict remain?
  • Dreaming about somebody you’ve never met:
    Could it be that this mysterious individual actually represents part of yourself? What are the characteristics and behaviours of the person seen in the dream? What aspects of your subconscious fears or desires could these symbolise?

Try to think deeply and be honest with yourself. Don’t suppress your fears or insecurities. You won’t be helping yourself by doing so. It’s surprising what dream interpretation can reveal, if you only give it the time and respect it deserves.

Only one thing is certain.

If you dream about somebody, there is always a reason. It might be a trivial reason such as simple lust, or a more complex reason such as unresolved emotional issues.

But there is always a reason.

Final Thoughts

You probably just came by wondering what your dream meant, but why not learn how to control your dreams whilst you're here?

Once you learn how, you can actually interact with these dream figures and ask them yourself why they are in your dream!

About The Author

About The Author

Chris Hammond writes about lucid dreaming, awareness, the nature of consciousness, and cosmic existence. See him in action at The World of Lucid Dreaming Academy.