Consciousness and Hypnagogia

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Sirley Marques Bonham is a physicist by education but has a passion for the study of consciousness - making her a neuroscientist at heart. She kindly donated the following scientific article on Consciousness and Hypnagogia, containing a rich source of information on various sleep phenomena.

The article is fairly long so I have broken it down into sections. It is well worth dipping in to the parts that interest you the most - from lucid dreaming, to OBEs, to sleep paralysis - Sirley has collected valuable data and insights on all these altered states in relation to human consciousness.

Consciousness and Hypnagogia: Dream Imageries, Reveries and the Development of a Relationship with the Unconscious Mind

Part I

- Introduction - Consciousness and The Mind - What is Hypnagogia? - The Concept of Reverie Revisited - A Comment on the Term Hallucination - Objectives of the Present Article

Part II

- Meditation - Remote Viewing - Biofeedback, Neuro-Feedback, and Alpha-Theta Training - The Effects of Hallucinogenic Substances - Hypnotic Reveries - More About Trance - The Issue of Awareness

Part III

- Dreams - Hypnagogia: At the Threshold of Sleep and Awakening - Learning to have Out-of-Body Experiences - What to observe? - We are Able to Attract Hypnagogia! - Distorted or Changing Perceived Imagery of Hypnagogia - Brain Correlates - Possible problems: Difficulties with Hypnagogia

Part IV

- Hypnagogia & Sleep Paralysis - What to do to get out of a Problematic Hypnagogia - Phenomena: There may be overwhelming surprises! What are they? - Do Phenomena Equal Energy-Like Events? - Problems with 'Energetic' Events - What To Do - Developing the Mind

Part V

- Mechanisms - List of Methodologies - The Problem of Seeding of The Unconscious - Unusual Outcomes of Intense Learning - Learning and The State of Trance - Putting it all together: Mind Situations - Reviewing the Basic Information on the Unconscious - More on the 'Super-Conscious' Part of the Unconscious Mind - Wisdom and Synchronicity - A Two-Way Interaction with our Unconscious - Reviewing The Process - It is Important to Make it a Habit! - The Format of The Messages From The Unconscious

Part VI

- Conclusions - References - About The Author

About The Author

About The Author

Rebecca Casale is a lucid dreamer and a science writer with a special interest in biology and the brain. She is the founder of World of Lucid Dreaming and Science Me.