Dream Science

This section on dream science is about probing the unconscious meaning of dreams, how humans have regarded dreams through the ages, and how different people dream differently.

A History of Dream ResearchA History of Dream Research

Dream research has long fascinated civilized man - from ancient theories of souls adventuring out of body, to modern day psychoanalysis and fMRI scans.

Why Do We Dream?Why Do We Dream?

Why do we dream? Learn about the history of dream research from Freud's original dream analysis to Hobson's modern biological theory of dreaming.

activation synthesisActivation Synthesis Theory 101

We break down this 1977 explanation of why we dream and its 1990 successor, the AIM Model, into easy to understand language.

Dream InterpretationDream Interpretation

Real dream interpretation explores unconscious dream symbols identified by Freud's free association. Start understanding your own dream symbols today.

The Meaning Behind DreamsThe Meaning Behind Dreams

Explore the meaning behind dreams with scientific dream analysis. Improve your dream recall and perform your own dream interpretation by translating the dream meaning.

30 Common Dream Symbols30 Common Dream Symbols and Their Meanings

A fascinating list of 30 common dream symbols and their meanings. Unravel the unconscious symbolism of your dreams and find clarity in waking life.

What Do Blind People Dream About?What Do Blind People Dream About?

What do blind people dream about? Can they see in their dreams? Take a look at scientific studies into the dreams of the blind, colorblind, and black-and-white dreamers.

Inside Robot Dreams: What Google's AI Bots Think AboutInside Robot Dreams: What Google's AI Bots Think About

Google has been analyzing neural network creativity. Turns out androids really do dream of electric sheep - and pig-snails, camel-birds and dog-fish.

Will Virtual Reality Trump Lucid Dreams?Will Virtual Reality Trump Lucid Dreams?

As technology continues to move us towards more immersive dreamlike experiences, one can only wonder what digital wonders lay just beyond the horizon of tomorrow.

Pregnancy DreamsPregnancy Dreams

Dreams during pregnancy can be highly emotional and meaningful - from fears about your changing body, to giving birth, to predicting the sex of the baby.

Characteristics of DreamsCharacteristics of Dreams

The five common characteristics of dreams, as defined by dream researcher J Allan Hobson. Plus, Hobson's biological theory of dreams and their real meanings.

Who Really Coined The Term Lucid Dream?Who Really Coined The Term "Lucid Dream"?

Frederik van Eeden is often credited - but the term "lucid dreaming" was actually first published some 46 years prior. Why is history skewed?

Do Babies Dream?Do Babies Dream?

If so, what do they dream about? Dr Charles P Pollack of the Sleep Center for Medicine tells us what science knows of newborn baby dreams.

Does Jet Lag Affect Lucid Dreaming?Does Jet Lag Affect Lucid Dreaming?

How jet lag and sleep deprivation may actually improve your ability to have lucid dreams - and how to exploit these principles without actually losing very much sleep.

Consciousness and HypnagogiaConsciousness and Hypnagogia

Consciousness and Hypnagogia: a guest article by Sirley Marques Bonham, PhD. Includes parts I, II, III, IV, V, IV.


About The Author

About The Author

Rebecca Casale is a lucid dreamer and a science writer with a special interest in biology and the brain. She is the founder of World of Lucid Dreaming and Science Me.