Creativity in Lucid Dreams

In this video interview, lucidity experts Dr Clare Johnson and Dr Keith Hearne discuss assisted creativity in lucid dreams.


Writers... imagine your novel characters telling you how they really feel inside your dreams and using those insights to write by day. Artists... imagine seeing unconsciously inspired artwork in a dream gallery and waking up to reproduce it on your canvas.

This interview is all about creativity in lucid dreams. And who better to broach the subject than Dr Clare Johnson, who was the first person ever to write a PhD on creativity in lucid dreams. Moreover, she has written two lucid dream-inspired novels, Breathing in Colour and Dreamrunner, and used her lucid dreams to meet her characters in person and probe their feelings about the unraveling plot.

Clare is joined by Dr Keith Hearne, the first scientist ever to prove the existence of lucid dreaming in 1975 - and who composes musical symphonies in his lucid dreams. A self-confessed "boat rocker", Dr Hearne also shares some philosophical ideas on reality designed to shake things up for the rest of us...

"I'm very impressed by your creativity. One of your novels is absolutely beautiful... the style is perfection. And to think that you actually talked to these characters in lucid dreams! There's a whole new genre of assisted creativity in lucid dreams."

~ Dr Keith Hearne

About The Author

About The Author

Rebecca Casale is a lucid dreamer and a science writer with a special interest in biology and the brain. She is the founder of World of Lucid Dreaming and Science Me.