Lucid Dreaming Interviews

During the course of my lucid dream research, I've had the good fortune to engage in some fascinating expert interviews. In this section you'll hear from lifelong lucid dreamers, authors, directors, artists and teachers, each with their own personal interpretations and applications for conscious dreaming.

You will find conflicting theories of science and spirit in these pages. My intention is to give each subject his or her own platform to recount their personal experiences and interpretations.

Robert Waggoner InterviewRobert Waggoner Interview

An interview with Robert Waggoner, the leading lucid dream researcher, author of Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self and President-Elect of the IASD.

Charlie Morley InterviewCharlie Morley Interview

An interview with Charlie Morley, a holistic lucid dreaming teacher bringing together Western science and Tibetan Buddhist lucid dream practices.

Dr Keith Hearne InterviewDr Keith Hearne Interview

An interview with Dr Keith Hearne, the British psychologist who created the first scientific proof of lucid dreaming with his ocular-signalling technique.

Daniel Love InterviewDaniel Love Interview

An interview with Daniel Love, creator of the Cycle Adjustment Technique, author of Are You Dreaming? and consultant to the upcoming show Anamnesis.

Rebecca Casale InterviewRebecca Casale Interview

Rebecca Casale is the creator of the website World of Lucid Dreaming. In this interview she answers reader questions and shares her personal insights for beginner lucid dreamers.

Louis Dyer InterviewLouis Dyer Interview

Louis Dyer is a visionary artist inspired by lucid dreams, astral projections and meditation experiences. Discover more about the origins of his art and how it manifests on canvas.

What It's Like to Be a Natural Lucid DreamerWhat's It Like to Be a Natural Lucid Dreamer?

Chloe is a natural lucid dreamer. For her entire living memory, all her dreams are highly lucid, realistic and vivid. I knew this was one lucid mind I had to probe.

Interview with Bill Murphy, Creator of DreamNETBill Murphy Interview

An interview with Bill Murphy, creator of DreamNET: a lucid dreaming headband which detects not just REM sleep, but when you're inside a lucid dream.

Light Switches and Synesthesia DreamsLight Switches and Synesthesia Dreams

In this video Q&A, Dr Keith Hearne and Dr Clare Johnson discuss the intricacies of lucid dreaming - from the light switch effect to synesthesia dreams.

The Scientific Discovery of Lucid DreamingThe Scientific Discovery of Lucid Dreaming

In this interview, Dr Keith Hearne discusses how he delivered the first proof of lucid dreaming in the sleep lab in 1975.

Creativity in Lucid DreamsCreativity in Lucid Dreams

In this video interview, lucidity experts Dr Clare Johnson and Dr Keith Hearne discuss assisted creativity in lucid dreams.

Lucid Dreams and DyingLucid Dreams and Dying

Can lucid dreaming prepare us for the dying process? Why are we scared of death and how might bodiless lucid experiences help to reduce our fear?

Erin Pavlina InterviewErin Pavlina Interview

An interview with Erin Pavlina, lucid dreamer and explorer of altered states, featuring her personal beliefs and insights into lucid dreaming and astral projection.

Peter Maich InterviewPeter Maich Interview

A lifelong lucid dreamer, this interview with Peter Maich covers his experiences of lucid energy/light, the conceptual dream void and taking Galantamine supplements to induce lucid dreams.

Interview with Dylan Howard on King Of OneirosDylan Howard Interview

An interview with Dylan Howard, the Writer and Director of the film King Of Oneiros: a love story that takes place within a stunning lucid dream world.

Charlie Morley on Dreams of AwakeningCharlie Morley on Dreams of Awakening

Charlie Morley discusses his book, Dreams of Awakening, offering a Tibetan Buddhist approach to the mainstream community of Western lucid dreamers.

Interview with Esther BertramEsther Bertram Interview

An interview with Esther Bertram - author of unique visionary fiction book November Fox - gives her perspective on consciousness, lucid dreaming and what she's got planned for the year 2100.

About The Author

About The Author

Rebecca Casale is a lucid dreamer and a science writer with a special interest in biology and the brain. She is the founder of World of Lucid Dreaming and Science Me.