15 Deepest Ken Wilber Books - Explained

best ken wilber books review

A world without Ken Wilber would not be the same.

Why’s that?

Oh… there could be a furious debate on why not.

For a start, Wilber has gifted human beings with an entirely new perspective on the world through his literature.

Ken Wilber books are well known for opening up doors for the layman - to numerous complex transpersonal psychological theories and philosophies. Though Wilber is perhaps best known for proposing the ‘integral theory’.

This is essentially an integrated theory of consciousness – and it even mentions lucid dreaming.

Born in 1949, Wilber faced several health conditions through his life - such as chronic fatigue syndrome - but never failed to explore what fascinated him.

Inspired by medical science, a young Wilber enrolled himself as a pre-medical student at Duke University in 1967.

With time, he moved on and convinced himself to study Eastern literature at the University of Nebraska… but due to his exceptional intellect and passion, soon realized the importance of the gift nature had given him and began to work full-time as a writer - sacrificing his university education.

After all the hard times and struggles, Ken Wilber published his first-ever book, ‘The Spectrum of Consciousness’, which worked as a game-changer - not only for Wilber but for all of humanity.

So, if you’d like to take a look at the world with a whole new perspective… then these 15 books by Ken Wilber will certainly help you on your way!

The Spectrum of Consciousness

spectrum of consciousness

Believe it or not, there was a time when people thought that achieving some kind of harmony - or synchronization - between Eastern and Western culture was about as likely as sitting and standing at the same time.

But Ken Wilber’s revolutionary unification of psychology, physics, philosophy, and religion changed that.

He proposed the “spectrum of consciousness” theory, which allowed people to understand that integration between the two cultures is conceivable.

This book covers the details of this theory - along with strong reasoning and many references.

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No Boundary

no boundary

‘No Boundary’ by Ken Wilber is one of the greatest works of literature ever written on the human psyche and behavior.

In this book he explains how humans have created their own mental boundaries in which they spend their entire lives.

He proposes a simple concept of ‘me’ and ‘not-me’ that most of us will relate to.

Ken explains that there are three essential boundaries to which human beings are restricted.

The first one is between the conscious mind and subconscious ‘shadow’. The second is between the mind and the body - while the third boundary is the actualized self-consideration that a person gives to himself within the context of the wider world.

This book explains how people need to break these boundaries, in order to truly connect with their minds and bodies – and awake their inner spirituality.

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A Theory of Everything

theory of everything ken wilber book

Another great piece by Ken Wilber is ‘A Theory of Everything’.

It takes a stab at answering several confusions related to science, spirituality, business and even politics.

In one chapter, Wilber explains the true meaning of the Greek word ‘kosmos’ by taking us on a journey where he comprehensively explores all the truly important aspects of life.

This book is not only restricted to knowledge about particle physics, but also helps give a new meaning to ‘mental-physics’ -  by integrating mental, emotional, spiritual and physical realms.

A Theory of Everything is basically a holistic philosophy that connects soul, body, mind and spirituality with the science of physics.

Cool, right?

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A Brief History of Everything

brief history of everything wilber

One of the best-selling books by Ken Wilber is ‘A Brief History of Everything’.

This book is a true magnum opus that explains the evolution of the entire universe.

So undoubtedly, it is a great piece of literature for those who are fascinated to understand how the Big Bang theory can be integrated with a spiritual philosophy.

Wilber writes magnificently and has given a deep reasoning and explanation of the science of the universe – which will surely expand and nourish the mind of the reader!

Plus, without biting off more than he can chew, Ken Wilber talks about modern phenomena such as gender roles, environmentalism and multiculturalism.

He even explained (back in 1996) how the Internet would become an important source of interaction - and how meaningful it would be for future generations!

I guess he was spot on...

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The Religion of Tomorrow

religion of tomorrow

‘The Religion of Tomorrow’ is a work that demonstrates Ken Wilber’s philosophical thinking about religion.

In this book he explains how the world could change for the better if his ‘integral theory’ became a part of mainstream religion.

He claims that a religion with all the factors of his proposed theory would be the ideal religion for all humanity.

A most curious claim indeed – but after reading this book, you may well be included to agree with him!

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Spiritual Choices

spiritual choices guide book

There is a point in everyones' life when it becomes necessary to take the spiritual path.

And people travel these paths because the soul can only truly be fed on spirituality. How else to meaningfully address your  worries and problems?

‘Spiritual Choices’ will be your cup of tea if you really want to judge the preacher who claims to show you the true spiritual route!

Despite other writers, whose essays can also be found here, Ken Wilber’s ideologies have truly given life to this book - and to this day ‘Spiritual Choices’ is regarded as one of the best spiritual guides.

Like many of the other books by Ken Wilber, this one will help advance control over your consciousness - but with the power of a spiritual angle.

A Sociable God

social god ken wilber

‘A Sociable God’ represents a compressed version of Wilber’s “spectrum of consciousness” theory.

The book sheds light on the developmental processes of common cultures and individuals that have been found throughout every era of history.

He examines the various mentalities of human beings, in order to understand religious and cultural movements - by breaking them down on egocentric, ethnocentric, world-centric and even cosmic levels.

A Sociable God is a great book that also makes an interesting point of differentiating between genuine spiritual paths and perilous cults.

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Eye to Eye

eye to eye

Eye to Eye is a book in which Wilber has provided a consciousness model that encircles spiritual, empirical and psychological modes of knowledge.

A reader can enjoy Wilber’s examination of the three realms of wisdom - such as the reflective spirit realm, empiric sensual realm and logical realm of the human mind.

This is one of the best Ken Wilber books, it really does help us reach a clearer understanding of human existence and the universe we live in.

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Integral Meditation

integral meditation

Integral Meditation is home to several ancient ways to heal a broken soul and body.

Ken Wilber’s books frequently include extraordinary knowledge and this one is no exception!

In this book, Wilber has combined his theories with archaic meditation techniques - with a view to assisting your self-transformation.

Integral Meditation also provides new approaches to practicing and applying traditional meditation techniques, along with step-by-step instructions.

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The Integral Vision

integral vision book

‘The Integral Vision’ is written with the purpose of helping people understand the true meaning of life through Wilber’s AQAL (All Quadrants All Levels) approach.

This book is a set of different ideas, which guide you to the best way of exploring the experience of life.

Wilber expouses in depth how truly fundemental psychology and science are to understanding the reality of the world.

And among many other things explains how a person can become more confident in the presence of others by enhancing his or her wisdom and knowledge.

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The Eye of Spirit

the eye of spirit review

This is one of the most starkly beautiful books that Ken Wilber has written.

He sublimely re-defines some of the most important fields in the world: planetary transformation, feminism, art, ecology, psychology, anthropology and spirituality - by applying the lens of his ever-present ‘spectrum of consciousness’ theory.

This book explains the reason and the need for the integration of all these elements, for us all to have a better post-modern world.

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One Taste

one taste ken wilber

‘One Taste’ is a gateway to the daily routine, schedule, thoughts, struggles and other private affairs of Ken Wilber himself.

This book is a one-year diary which showcases Wilber’s personal spiritual practices, his day-to-day work on integral psychology and noteworthy emotional experiences.

This is a much appreciated invitation by the author himself to understand his life as a philosopher, writer, spiritual healer and scientific researcher.

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Integral Spirituality

integral spiritual

As ever, Ken shows us great ways to connect our brains and bodies to the common spiritual modalities.

‘Integral Spirituality’ attempts to explain the modern spiritual approaches, by understanding them within the framework of Wilber’s AQAL system.

Though the same concept has been used in several other of Ken’s books, this times he describes it all in a rather advanced and extensive way via diagrams and graphs.

And for this very reason - the book is actually one of the most popular of Wilber’s works - as it has converted many complicated concepts into their simplest forms.

Sex, Ecology, Spirituality

sex ecology spirituality book

Wilber - through his book ‘Sex, Ecology, Spirituality’ - has elaborated on various contemporary theories related to metaphysical, spiritual, psychological and biological aspects of life.

The book reveals Wilber’s painful struggles with modern-day naturalism.

Moreover, the author describes his ‘vision-logic’ approach, with a claim that it has the ability to combat toxic post-modernism with ease.

This book has been sternly criticized - as well highly celebrated - by several writers.

Nevertheless, it has some great information and explores interconnectedness between different sexual orientations, society, biological nature and holiness.

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Grace and Grit

books ken wilber

‘Grace and Grit’ is a remarkable and personal presentation of Ken and his wife’s journey through her disease, treatment and death.

Ken tells the story of how Treya Wilber (Ken’s wife) bravely fought her cancer - and how helpful spirituality was to them in their darkest times.

Undoubtedly, Grace and Grit falls under that category of book that gives hope to the reader - and through its lessons - keeps the spirits high.

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Final Thoughts

Ken Wilber books are one of the many varied reason why people of the 21st century have become more optimistic, enlightened and open minded.

He has used strength, knowledge and a love of spirituality to shine the light of wisdom on the conflicts that manifest in our modern lives.

And what’s more, his theories incorporate the spiritual aspects of lucid dreaming.

So… why not learn how to lucid dream while you’re here?

About The Author

About The Author

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