Lucid Dream Ideas

Find ideas and therapeutic applications for your lucid dreams. Here are artists, novels, movies, and video games that inspire my lucid dreams.

101 Ideas for Lucid Dreaming101 Ideas for Lucid Dreams

Stop humping unwitting dream characters and go on a REAL adventure. This is my list of 101 lucid dream ideas.

12 Awesome Inception-Style Dreamscapes12 Awesome Inception-Style Dreamscapes

Here's an artist of illusions that will blow your mind. Aydin Buyuktas creates Inception-style dreamscapes from landscape photos.

22 Optical Illusions That Belong in Lucid Dreams22 Optical Illusions That Belong in Lucid Dreams

Rebecca's Lucid DreamsRebecca's Lucid Dreams

This year I started digitally painting my lucid dreams, to help me reflect on my dreams and explore new environments.

Extraordinary Fantasy Art by Jeremiah MorelliExtraordinary Fantasy Art by Jeremiah Morelli

I'm a long time fan of the digital fantasy artist, Jeremiah Morelli, who touches on lucid dreaming through his fairytale landscapes.

Inspiration from MoviesMovies to Inspire Your Lucid Dreams

Here are some of my favorite sci-fi movies to spark your next lucid dream adventure - from traveling to alien planets to impossible Earthly feats.

Famous Lucid DreamersFamous Lucid Dreamers

A list of 10 famous lucid dreamers, from actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, to scientists like Nikola Tesla, to authors like Stephen King.

7 New Year's Resolutions for Lucid Dreamers7 New Year's Resolutions for Lucid Dreamers

What's your New Year's resolution? I asked some of the world's lucid dream experts with their personal New Year's resolutions for lucid dreaming.

Video Games and Lucid DreamingVideo Games and Lucid Dreaming

Are first-person perspective video games a reliable trigger for lucid dreaming? Find out how computer games induce nightmares and lucid dreams.

Anamnesis: The New Sci-Fi Web Series on Lucid DreamingAnamnesis: The New Sci-Fi Web Series on Lucid Dreaming

Excitement is gathering as we approach the launch of an original sci-fi web series about lucid dreaming called Anamnesis.

Dream Art GalleryDream Art Gallery

A selection of reader-submitted dream art, inspired by lucid and non-lucid dreams. Submit your own dream art at our lucid dreaming forum!

Music in Lucid DreamsMusic in Lucid Dreams

Creating music in lucid dreams is one of the benefits of lucid dreaming. Allow your creative unconscious mind to help you learn how to play the piano.

Handpan drum in Lucid DreamsThe Dreamlike Music of the HandPan

Daniel Love starts a journey towards composing hang drum music inside the lucid dream world - and even designing a lucid instrument!

The Article That Ignited My Passion for Lucid DreamingThe Article That Ignited My Passion for Lucid Dreaming

The fateful magazine article from Encounters magazine ( September 1996) that ignited my passion for lucid dreaming: Life is But a Dream by Chris Kenworthy.

How To Think CreativelyHow To Think Creatively

Creative thinking is what separates humans from all other animals. Discover how to tap into your own creative free flow of ideas.

What is At The Edge of The Universe?The Edge of The Universe

What is at the edge of the universe? (Hint: it's not a restaurant.) Exploring how cosmologists calculate the shape, weight and make-up of the universe.

You Are The Big Bang (Alan Watts)You Are The Big Bang (Alan Watts)

"...You're not something that is a sort of puppet on the end of the process. You are still the process. You are the big bang."

Dream QuotesDream Quotes

Dream quotes help define and dismantle the curious world of dreams and their ultimate unconscious meaning.

terence mckenna books8 Trippy Terence McKenna Books

Terence McKenna was known to talk about lucid dreaming. His profound theories and myriad of psychedelic experiences can truly inspire your dreamscapes.

ken wilber books15 Deepest Ken Wilber Books

Ken Wilber's integrated theory of consciousness refers to lucid dreaming at multiple points. His unique philosophies might just help you to plant the seed of your next lucid dream.

About The Author

About The Author

Rebecca Casale is a lucid dreamer and a science writer with a special interest in biology and the brain. She is the founder of World of Lucid Dreaming and Science Me.