Learn How to Have Lucid Dreams

Can anyone learn how to have lucid dreams?

Lucidity experts agree that we all have the natural ability to lucid dream, even if most people leave this ability untapped.

We all dream every night (even if we don't remember). And we are all conscious through our waking days.

So a lucid dream simply combines two normal things we do every single day.

For the majority of people, it takes deliberate practice to have lucid dreams, although the ability eventually becomes much easier to access.

The result is an amazing alternative reality world, where everything looks and feels as vivid as waking life, and the dreamer can exert control over themselves and just about every aspect of the dream.

But what can you do with your lucid dreams?

With enough practice, you can do anything you want.

Tonight I might dive into the ocean and swim with the dolphins. I might summon Dennis Quaid for my in-dream sci-fi movie. I might visit the Pyramids of Egypt, or the Eiffel Tower, or the Grand Canyon. I might skydive, shapeshift into a wolf, or teleport to another universe or a galaxy far, far away.

My lucid dreams are not even limited by my own conscious imagination. Because what I can't dream up... my unconscious mind can.

The unconscious mind is brimming with surreal and creative imagery.

I've seen the lucid dream world in 360-degree vision. I've drawn dream characters in the air and watched them come to life. I've tunneled into the ground only to emerge in the sky below. I've been shown the quantum world, the meaning of life and the vastness of nothing.

In these dreams I can relinquish control and let the bizarre dream scenario play on; I'm just a passive but highly self aware observer, gobbling up the dream in all its wonderful and tangible intensity.

Or I can take the reigns and explore my dream actively, seek to fulfill my own personal goals and desires.

The question is what will you do in your lucid dreams?

Learn to Lucid Dream With Me

As a lucid dreamer of 17 years, I'd like to teach you how to have lucid dreams. And I believe I know how to make that process as easy and as streamlined as possible. I call it the Lucid Dreaming Fast Track.

This program is the result of thousands of hours of practical work and research. It has been through four editions since its launch in 2008, and has been taken by thousands of lucid dreaming students.

The latest version is incorporated into the World of Lucid Dreaming Academy. So you can learn the skill of lucid dreaming with the support of an active community of lucid dreamers.

Here are the guts of the course, which is divided into into three phases:

Phase One: Priming

Phase One: Priming: The Lucid Dreaming Fast Track

Phase One will broaden your understanding of the sleeping brain and lead you into the optimum mindset for lucid dreams. This part deals with science and theory.

You'll learn how to relax and meditate, taking charge of your awareness during your waking day so that it becomes automatic during your dreams. This produces lucid dreams.

It's a goldmine of information for beginners including background philosophy, step-by-step tutorials, troubleshooting tips, first-hand insights and more.

By following the step-by-step instructions in Phase One, you will discover:

  • The spectrum of lucidity - and how to achieve fully lucid dreams under any circumstance.
  • What lucid dreams feel like - exploring aspects from feelings and cognition, to expectation and the unknown.
  • How to record your dreams - the most effective way and harness your journal for lucidity.
  • How to boost your dream recall - enabling you to remember up to four or five dreams per night.
  • How to have your first lucid dream - by gradually increasing your waking awareness.
  • How to relax deeply - before incubating a lucid dream and drifting off to sleep.

Phase Two: Induction

Phase Two: Induction: The Lucid Dreaming Fast Track

Phase Two is a hands-on crash course in how to initiate lucid dreams. It's highly practical.

You'll learn the most effective techniques including wake-induced and mnemonically-induced lucid dreams, dream chaining, supplements and sleep cycle adjustment.

The idea of developing your awareness through meditation is emphasized as a holistic route to lucid dreams. This has minimal disruptive impact on your sleep patterns.

I've also shared my personal favorite combinations which you can tailor to your own lifestyle.

By following the step-by-step instructions in Phase Two, you will discover:

  • How to visualize effectively - and create intricate dreamscapes while you're awake in bed.
  • How to enact dream chaining - a rewarding way of lucidly re-entering a dream from which you've just awoken.
  • Which dream supplements to use - an (optional) way to a night of highly vivid dreaming.
  • How to identify false awakenings - and turn these realistic dreams of waking into lucid dreams.
  • How to stop nightmares - and convert them to lucid dreams by turning the source of the nightmare in on itself.
  • How to hypnotize yourself  - and plant the seeds of lucidity which prime you to have more lucid dreams.

Phase Three: Exploration

Phase Three: Exploration: The Lucid Dreaming Fast Track

Phase Three will transform your early moments of lucidity into epic lucid dreams that color your world forever.

You'll learn how to avoid common mistakes and maximize your lucid dreaming potential with personal examples of unconscious dream principles at play.

By harnessing dream control for both fantasies and personal growth, you'll improve your waking life.

You'll take your lucid dreaming skills to advanced levels, applying philosophical and therapeutic practices.

Through the tutorials in Phase Three, you will learn:

  • How to prolong and control your dreams - with my essential principles in dream control.
  • How to program your dreams in advance - by seeding your desired dreamscape or dream plot.
  • How to summon dream figures - and use your creative dreaming imagination to play with them.
  • How to seek wisdom from your true self - by communicating with the awareness behind the dream.
  • Which lucid dream challenges - to take on first in order to advance your dream control skills.
  • How lucid dream therapy - can treat anxiety, depression, phobias and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The Lucid Audio Tools

The program also includes four audio tools to encourage lucid dreaming through self hypnosis and meditation.

The hypnosis audio is extra special because it's based on a routine that I've use many times to support my lucidity. Now I can pass this experience onto you, so you share the exact same mind-space that works for me.

Meditation has played a key role in my life since I was a teenager, enabling me to access profound states of awareness and access lucid dreaming faster.

I encourage you to combine the unique meditation audio with my step-by-step visualization tutorials to supercharge the effect on your dream life.

Jump into The World of Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming Course

You can start learning to lucid dream in the next few minutes. Follow this link to get instant access to the World of Lucid Dreaming Academy. You'll gain full access to:

  • 30 powerful lucid dreaming tutorials including the techniques that produced my first conscious dreams at 14 years old and the enhancements I've learned since.
  • 4 digitally mastered hypnosis, meditation and subliminal audios for lucid dreaming that will support your mental training through daily relaxation.
  • My structured lesson plan for success helping you to maintain essential momentum on your quest to achieving lucidity and all its fruits.
  • Guided meditation and self awareness routines that will not just create deep relaxation and mindfulness but also give you more lucid dreams and clearer thinking in everyday life.
  • Private forums to support your learning by an active community of experienced lucid dreamers
  • Live Q&As and guest dreamers regular live content from expert lucid dreaming authors, researchers and scientists.

I hope you find this summary helpful. Thousands of ordinary dreamers have used our platform to learn how to have lucid dreams and transform their sleep into a world of fantasy and self development. You can do this too.

Click here to learn more about the Academy, with customer reviews and product screenshots.

About The Author

About The Author

Rebecca Casale is a lucid dreamer and a science writer with a special interest in biology and the brain. She is the founder of World of Lucid Dreaming and Science Me.