Lucid Dream Explorers: A Lucid Dreaming DVD Review

Lucid Dream Explorers is a lucid dreaming DVD made after months of research by Richard Hilton, an avid fan of lucid dreaming and alternate realities. This short documentary may only be 12 minutes long, but there are 45 minutes of extended interviews with key lucidity experts, including Dr Stephen LaBerge himself. It's worth checking out for expert insights into Dream Yoga, hypnagogia and more.

Dr Stephen LaBerge

Dr Stephen LaBergeDr Stephen LaBerge received his PhD in Psychophysiology at Stanford University in 1980. He created the popular MILD technique and founded the Lucidity Institute. As Researcher and Director of the Institute, LaBerge is now a leader in the scientific study of lucid dreaming. He is the author of Lucid Dreaming and Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming, and delivers courses on the art of lucidity to the general public.

In this lucid dreaming DVD, Stephen LaBerge discusses the meaning of oneironauts, why humans find it necessary to dream, and the life changing benefits of lucid dreaming. Most lucidity fans are well aware of Dr LaBerge and have read at least one of his instructional books, so this is a good opportunity to see him chatting about his life's passion.

Dr Alan Wallace

Dr Alan WallaceDr Alan Wallace is a scholar and prolific writer on the subject of Tibetan Buddhism in the West. He trained as a Buddhist monk for 14 years, was ordained by H H the Dalai Lama, and studied a degree in physics and the philosophy of science. He also gives a fascinating interview.

In Lucid Dream Explorers, Wallace talks about Dream Yoga, a form of meditation through lucid dreaming which has been practiced for at least a thousand years. From his studies of the original form of lucid dreaming, Wallace describes the different levels of lucidity in dreams, and the ultimate liberation of consciousness: to dissolve the dream state while lucid and simply observe your own awareness.

Dr Fariba Bogzaran

Lucid Dream ExplorersDr Fariba Bogzaran is an Associate Professor and founder of the Dream Studies program at John F Kennedy University. She is the co-author of the book Extraordinary Dreams and How to Work With Them, and the Executive Director and co-founder of the nonprofit Lucid Art Foundation.

In this lucid dreaming documentary, Bogzaran describes how she spontaneously became lucid as a child and developed a passion for lucid dreaming. She also explains how beginners can explore hypnagogia (the "sleep gate") as a way to access meditation and the inner creative flow.


Dominick Attisani

Lucid Dreaming DVDA lucid dreamer and avid meditator since his mid-teens, Dominick Attisani practices yogic and Monroe Institute methods of reproducing border states of consciousness. He works at the Lucidity Institute as a lucid dream training program facilitator and experimental lab subject.

In Lucid Dream Explorers, Attisani introduces us to sleep cycles and the best time for lucid dreaming. He also explains the WILD technique in terms of hypnagogia, and how you are likely to be predisposed to either waking or dreaming initiated techniques based on your own natural sleep patterns.


Special Features

While the main feature is only brief, the DVD includes 90 minutes of special features. Not all of these features are related to lucid dreaming, and the most valuable by far is the Extended Interviews. Other features include:

  • Promotional Flash Trailer
  • Reality Checks: Text Re-reading
  • Making of The Documentary
  • Extended Interviews (45 minutes of extra footage)
  • Other Bulb Media projects
  • Allie Dark by Lisa Klein (a student 3D animation)
  • Oneironauts: 9-minute Version

The Lucid Dream Explorers DVD is available via Richard's website for a $12 donation via PayPal. This also gives you access to an archive of lucid dreaming MP3s and media, with audio tracks from Celia Green, Stephan Laberge and others.

About The Author

About The Author

Rebecca Casale is a lucid dreamer and a science writer with a special interest in biology and the brain. She is the founder of World of Lucid Dreaming and Science Me.