Lucid Dreaming in The Media

Lucid dreaming is now more popular than ever - and is certainly on the radar of journalists, directors and writers. This section is dedicated to lucid dreaming in the media. It features movie reviews, documentaries, science experiments, and other interesting media mentions.


Dreams: The Surreal Video Game on PlayStation 4Dreams: The Surreal Video Game on PlayStation 4

Media Molecule is producing a surreal video game in which users can create their dreams through their PlayStation 4 console - and then explore the dreamworlds of others.

Lucid Dreaming DayLucid Dreaming Day

Celebrate the annual Lucid Dreaming Day on April 12, marking the day when Keith Hearne first scientifically verified the existence of lucid dreams in 1975.

Inception ReviewInception Movie Review

An Inception review by a lucid dreamer; starring Leo DiCaprio and delving into the world of unconscious realities and the mystery of consciousness.

Inception Close-UpHow to Master Lucid Dreaming - Inception Style

Learn how to master lucid dreaming, Inception style! Program your unconscious mind to lucid dream like Leo DiCaprio and Ellen Page.

10 Things I Like About Inception by Robert Waggoner10 Things I Like About Inception

The high profile lucid dream explorer, Robert Waggoner, describes the top 10 things he likes about Christopher Nolan's lucid dreaming movie: Inception.

Is Avatar a Jaunt in a Lucid Dream Fantasy World?Is Avatar a Jaunt in a Lucid Dream Fantasy World?

This is how Avatar threw me back into a lucid dream world, where fantasy meets reality, complete with amazing visuals that emulate the lucid dreamscape.

Vanilla Sky Review: Beyond Lucid DreamsVanilla Sky Movie Review

Vanilla Sky: a review of the lucid dreaming movie starring Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz. A tale of life, love, science and reality.

The Good Night Movie ReviewThe Good Night Movie Review

The Good Night Review - a guest article by Dan tea. A lucid dreaming movie starring Penelope Cruz, Martin Freeman and Danny De Vito. Full review.

Translating Dreams: The Western Origins of Lucid DreamsTranslating Dreams: The Western Origins

Translating Dreams is a unique KickStarter project to translate the first Western book on lucid dreaming: Les Reves by Marquis d'Hervey de Saint-Denys.

Lucid Dream Explorers DVD DocumentaryLucid Dream Explorers DVD Documentary

Lucid Dream Explorers: A DVD documentary review. Check out this lucid dreaming DVD featuring interviews with top lucid dream experts Dr Stephen LaBerge and Dr Alan Wallace.

Lucidity by Lucas ArtsLucidity by Lucas Arts

Lucidity is a new XBox Live and PC game by LucasArts for lucid dreamers and puzzle lovers everywhere. Enter Sofi's dreamscape and discover the laws of lucidity.

Wake Up! DVD DocumentaryWake Up! DVD Documentary

Wake Up! A lucid dreaming DVD exploring the potential of lucid dreams - focusing on creative expression, psychotherapeutic healing and spiritual growth.

poet andersonPoet Anderson In Darkness Review

a sort of love child between Akira and The Terminator made on a bed of lucid dreams whilst watching Blade Runner.

About The Author

About The Author

Rebecca Casale is a lucid dreamer and a science writer with a special interest in biology and the brain. She is the founder of World of Lucid Dreaming and Science Me.