Lucid Dreamer App for iOS and Android

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Lucid Dreamer App for iOS and Android

The following review of Lucid Dreamer App is written by the developer, Matthew Silber.

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Lucid Dreamer is an iOS and Android app that may help you experience a lucid dream through classical approaches like dream journalling and reality checking, as well as modernized methods like brainwave entrainment. It's currently one of the most popular lucid dreaming apps on Android, designed to help you master the art with seven core features:

Lucid Dreamer App#1 - The Dreamer

This is the opening feature and we feel it's all you really need to experience a lucid dream tonight. The Dreamer repeatedly plays a short binaural beat tone after you have fallen asleep, with the aim of triggering a conscious state of awareness in your dreams. Combine this with the other app features to support your lucidity practice.

#2 - Dream Journal

Did you know that writing down your dreams has actually been shown to help you remember them better? We try to make that easy by enabling you to create a spoken record of your dreams, as well as noting which dreams were lucid and what techniques you used. The Dream Journal comes with an optional lock feature to keep all your private dreams just that - private!

The Reality Checker

#3 - Reality Checker

One of the oldest and most reliable dream realization techniques involves reality checking, such as creating a habit of looking at your hand and asking yourself "Am I dreaming?" To help you create this habit, our Reality Checker reminds you to ask this all-important question at regular intervals.

#4 - Paralyzer

One advanced induction technique uses Sleep Paralysis, whereby your body falls asleep, but your mind remains awake, allowing you to easily slip into a lucid state. The Paralyzer is designed to gently stimulate your consciousness as you're falling asleep, easing you into a state of Sleep Paralysis, and ultimately, lucidity.

A word of warning: sleep paralysis is not for everyone! We suggest reading up about it first, as it can be overwhelming to beginners. During the process you will lose control of your body as it falls asleep (this happens to you every night, only this time you'll know about it).

#5 - Focalizer

Your dream content is programmed by your waking experiences, thoughts and feelings. The Focalizer allows you to focus on images of significance to you, in an effort to unconsciously pre-program components of your dreams. The more frequently you see these images, the more likely dream permeation will occur. The focalizer principle is experimental but may mimic visualization.

Lucid Dreamer App Download#6 - Dreamscapes

The Dreamscapes are similar to the concept of the Focalizer, except that they use more color psychology. Each color is designed to help direct your dream environment. Again this helps with dream incubation, a proven lucidity inducer.

#7 - Custom Music Selection

The custom music tool enables you to use your own binaural beats, sound effects or music with the Dreamer's other functions.

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About The Author

About The Author

Rebecca Casale is a lucid dreamer and a science writer with a special interest in biology and the brain. She is the founder of World of Lucid Dreaming and Science Me.