Lucid Dreaming App Reviews

Here's a collection of the most popular, unusual and intriguing lucid dreaming app for iOS, Android and Windows. To get a detailed insight into the features and goals of these apps, I've invited the app developers themselves to give us a complete rundown.

The following app reviews aim to reveal how the latest smartphone technologies can potentially enhance your lucid dream life, with a range of dynamic features including reality check reminders, cloud dream journals, peronalized audio cues, expert lucidity tutorials, meditation sounds and programmable dream alarms. Technology is in no way essential to learning to lucid dreaming but for the tech-lovers among you - go wild.

Mind Awake App ReviewMind Awake - iOS

The first lucid dreaming app to combine Mindfulness training with conscious dream control.

10 Steps to Lucid Dreams App Review10 Steps to Lucid Dreams - Android

My very own 10 Steps to Lucid Dreams app review for Android. Featuring dream signs, visualizations and dream herb guides.

Awoken App for AndroidAwoken - Android

Andreas Rudolph's Awoken app review for Android. Featuring reality checks, totem sounds and a cloud-based dream journal.

Lucid Dreamer - iOS and AndroidLucid Dreamer - iOS and Android

Matthew Silber's Lucid Dreamer app review for iOS and Android. Featuring binaural beats, reality checker, paralyzer, focalizer and dreamscapes.

Lucidity App for AndroidLucidity App - Android

Lucidity is a new free Android app by Christopher Benz. It supports several innovative features to help you record and analyze your dreams.

Lucid Dreaming App ReviewLucid Dreaming App - iOS and Android

Alexander Stone's Lucid Dreaming App review for iOS and Android. Featuring REM tracking and a self-disabling alarm for DEILD or dream chaining.

DreamZ App Review for iOSDreamZ - iOS

Adam Siton's DreamZ app review for iOS. Featuring sleep cycle tracking, personalized audio cues and reality checks.


SHADOW is an iOS app that will help you record and remember your dreams. It will also create the world's biggest dream database for wide-scale analysis...

The DreamCatcher ProjectDreamCatcher Project - iOS

Jesse Frye's DreamerCatcher Project app review for iOS. Featuring a speech-to-text dream journal to quickly record your dreams.

Lucid Dream Ultimate - AndroidLucid Dream Ultimate - Android

Evan Michaux's Lucid Dream Ultimate App review for Android. Featuring reality check reminders, dream journal, brainwave entrainment and dream alarms.

CanLucidDream App ReviewCanLucidDream - Windows

Simon Canning's CanLucidDream app review for Windows. Featuring pre-scripted lucid dreams plus text-to-speech and sound effects to program dream content.

lucidity ios app curtisLucidity - iOS, by Curtis Development

Shane Curtis' free iOS app, featuring a fully functional dream journal and detailed Q&A section for your education and edification.

About The Author

About the author

Rebecca Turner is a science writer, illustrator, explorer of consciousness - and founder of World of Lucid Dreaming. She is currently studying for a biology degree in Auckland and blogging at her site Science Me.