Lucid Dreaming eBook Reviews

The following are my lucid dreaming ebook reviews. I'll tell you which authors are genuinely helpful and will teach you how to have lucid dreams and take those experiences to the next level. And I'll tell you which ones I feel are scam artists and have probably never had a lucid dream in their lives.

I've evaluated most of the lucid dreaming ebooks available at the time of writing and in no way do I endorse them all. I've organized this page to start with the courses and ebooks I recommend the most, descending to the ones I found least helpful. I hope this helps you make an informed decision.

My own ebook, The Art of Lucid Dreaming, was absorbed into my online Lucid Dreaming Fast Track course last year.

The Lucid Immersion Blueprint by Ryan Hurd

The Lucid Immersion Blueprint ReviewThe Lucid Immersion Blueprint is an original course by Ryan Hurd (author of Dream Studies) for intermediate lucid dreamers who are looking to take their skills to an advanced level. Ryan has a way of balancing objective scientific insight with spiritual self-inquiry. He emphasizes the need to take a holistic approach to lucid dreaming and remains in awe of the extraordinary potential for self-growth. Though he doesn't claim to be any kind of "guru" in lucid dreaming, I think he makes an inspiring tutor with ample personal experience to draw from.

There is, I should say, far more information in this course than you actually need to dip your toe in the waters of lucidity. Casual readers may well find this overwhelming, finding it unnecessary to learn about the depths of dream theory and cultural interpretations before experiencing lucid dreaming for themselves. However, this is no discredit to Ryan's work. I'm sure there are many ambitious and advanced dream explorers who will revel in the depth of information here, which is beautifully packaged and comes with several multimedia bonuses.

More info: Full review or download it here.

The Lucid Dreaming Kit by Bradley Thompson

Lucid Dreaming KitThe Lucid Dreaming Kit guarantees your first lucid dream in 7 days - or your money back. Although that's probably an over-hyped claim, there is something in the intensity of this course that could quickly trigger your first lucid dream. The kit includes:

  • How to Lucid Dream in 7 Days eBook
  • 70-minute Audio Stimulation CD
  • A digital dream journal
  • A lucid dreaming screensaver

It's a little dumbed down, but the nuts and bolts are all there. I'm sure many people will find this course genuinely helpful. It's highly practical, doesn't bog you down with complex terminology, and is very readable. It's not cheap. This would suit causal readers with little time to spare but a strong interest in developing the ability to lucid dream. Just beware that, for most people, lucid dreaming requires commitment and is an immersive and lifelong pursuit.

More info: Full review or download it here.

Directed Dreaming by Evelyn Grazini

Directed Dreaming is a way of accessing your unconscious intuition through your regular dreams. You ask questions while awake, and receive answers through your dreams. It is not the same as lucid dreaming, but it does share some similarities. Namely, it probes your own unconscious for answers to life's questions and involves learning to remember your dreams.

This 75-page ebook starts by discussing the sort of things you might like to ask your unconscious - like how to attain your dream job or ideal relationship. It encourages you to think differently and gain the answers you seek through your dreams via personalized messages and symbols deliberately planted by your unconscious mind.

While Directed Dreaming takes place during unconscious (non-lucid) dreams, it shares the same basis as asking questions of your unconscious dreaming self during lucid dreaming. In both cases, the answers come directly from your own unconscious mind, which can be quite revealing. This is a very powerful aspect of lucid dreaming and not to be sniffed at. Some of the leading authorities on lucidity are putting their efforts into this relatively new field of research to harness the amazing psychological applications.

Lucid Dreaming: Living in Your Dreams by Steven Aitchison

Guide to Lucid DreamingSteven Aitchison writes a popular personal development blog called Change Your Thoughts, and his clear and methodical writing style holds true in this short but sweet lucid dreaming ebook.

Living in Your Dreams explains the stages of sleep, a history of lucid dreaming, the applications of controlling your dreams, and the prerequisites to having a lucid dream. Unfortunately at just 26 pages this ebook falls well short of expectations.

I feel the author skimped on his duties of presenting a way to "live in your dreams" as the title promises. The four pages dedicated to lucid dreaming techniques don't provide nearly enough detail to fuel your lucidity quest, which is a shame because I reckon he'd do a really good job. For a definitive guide to lucid dreaming, this really doesn't cut the mustard, lacking the breadth and depth of information to make a useful resource.

Lucid Dreaming Made Easy Review by Benjamin Lime

Lucid Dreaming Made EasyYikes. An internet marketer cashing in on the lucid dreaming bandwagon - with barely even any superficial knowledge of the topic at hand.

The author Benjamin Lime (if he is a real person) has probably never had a lucid dream in his life. He openly admits on page 10 that when he started writing the book he thought lucid dreams weren't lucid unless you could control them. This is a fundamental misconception. This lucid dreaming e-book package will leave you with a lot of fluff material and, if you're like me, stopping every page to quote bits out loud to whoever sits within earshot because you can't believe he just said that.

Besides propagating basic misconceptions, this ebook also contains much plagiarism. About a quarter of the ebook was content copied from this website while other pages are lifted directly from Wikipedia. This kind of sloppiness continues into the bonus products where neither the 45-page bonus ebook (Hypnosis for Lucid Dreaming) nor the 116-page bonus e-book (Meditation for Lucid Dreaming) contain a single reference to lucid dreaming. They are re-published works exclusively about hypnosis and meditation, respectively, mimicking the fact that lucidity experts place emphasis on these practices. Avoid.

The Beginner's Guide to Lucid Dreaming Review by Unknown Author

Beginner's Guide to Lucid DreamingThe Beginner's Guide to Lucid Dreaming is an e-book created for the purpose of recycling as a free bonus, or re-branding so internet marketers can re-publish the content under their own name. Yuck.

This ebook contains tips for the complete novice looking for a way in. It probes questions like: how long does lucid dreaming take to learn, are lucid dreams related to PSI phenomena, and should you kill someone in a lucid dream? However the answers aren't very meaty and are quite subjective without really backing up the mystery author's opinion. Applied usefulness? Zero.

It also covers the potential dangers of lucid dreaming, which I felt were complete nonsense, and likened the condition of lucid dreaming to becoming a schizophrenic. This is gross misinformation and damning to our scientific lucid community. I'll admit parts of it do make for an easily digestible take on the joys of lucid dreaming, but it is not a definitive guide for someone who's taking this seriously, nor is all the information reliable. You'll find this ebook on sale on some websites and available for free on others. My advice is to bypass this cheap and cheerful but otherwise hit-and-miss affair.

The 30 Day Lucid Dreaming Bootcamp

The 30 Day Lucid Dreaming Bookcamp is an unique e-book created by Stefan from

It includes not only the usual educational course but also a schedule of exact activities to carry out each day for 30 days.

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About The Author

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