Introducing Daniel Love: The Lucid Guide


It's been a hectic year at World of Lucid Dreaming. We've had a new editor (Chris), some viral articles from Rebecca, and some incredibly thoughtful guest contributions from Daniel Love.

Some of you may be familiar with Daniel already. He's the author of the bestselling book Are You Dreaming?, founder of Lucid Dreaming Day, and one of the most widely respected forces in the promotion and research of lucid dreams. So I'm excited to announce a new partnership that's going to push the boundaries of how we understand and apply lucid dreaming.

The Lucid Guide

For the last year, Daniel has been preparing to make ready for his new project - one designed to explore and advance lucid dreaming and its many applications The goal is not only to offer a rational and realistic perspective to lucid dreaming (as an antidote to the large amounts of misleading information that can be found online),

But to explore the techniques and skills of lucid dreaming, with a particular accent as to how these can be applied to your life and experience of the universe. With the right approach the techniques, philosophies and science behind lucidity can be applied to almost any aspect of waking life. It's a subject that - when seen as more than a curiosity - has a huge potential for lifestyle development and self-improvement.

The Lucid Guide will bring a voice to real-world lucid dreamers. It will deliver a new series of books and brand new, cutting-edge digital content, aimed at bringing lucid dreaming into the 21st century.

World of Lucid Dreaming will be the exclusive platform on which to read Daniel's new written content. So keep your eyes open! (Well, not while you're asleep.) There's going to be some exciting new material on the horizon, exploring themes that have, to date, barely been touched on.

While you're waiting, make sure you subscribe to Daniel Love on YouTube.

About The Author

About The Author

Chris Hammond writes about lucid dreaming, awareness, the nature of consciousness, and cosmic existence. See him in action at The World of Lucid Dreaming Academy.