The Lucid Guide

Best-selling author Daniel Love explores the techniques and skills of lucid dreaming, with a particular accent as to how these can be applied to your life and experience of the universe.

Breaking news: The Lucid GuideAnouncement - Daniel Love: The Lucid Guide

Announcing a new partnership that is really going to push the boundaries of how we understand and apply the skill of lucid dreaming to our everyday lives.

Partner Assisted Lucidity (PAL)Partner Assisted Lucidity Technique (PAL)

A ground breaking new social lucid dreaming technique that if mastered will allow you to send messages back to your partner from the dream world!

6 Powerful Lucid Dreaming Tips6 Easy Lucid Dreaming Tips

The absolute basics for lucid dreaming and the foundations for all well-developed practices.

Reverse Psychology TechniqueReverse Psychology or Negative Suggestion Technique

A new and very interesting technique leveraging the power of negative suggestion to trick your own mind into incudcing a lucid dream

About The Authors

About The Author

Daniel Love is a British lucid dreaming researcher whose goal is to share lucid dreaming in an honest and thoughtful manner. He aims to dispel some of the myths and misunderstandings surrounding the subject, with the hope that it will help bring the wonders and benefits to a wider audience.