The Lucid Void

Have you ever found yourself floating lucidly in black space, or coloured light? If so, you have discovered the lucid void.

lucid dream void

But what happens in this vast dream space?

How do we navigate the lucid void fearlessly?

In the following excerpt from The Art Of Lucid Dreaming, Dr. Clare Johnson shares tips on releasing fear and responding creatively in the void. This book is a brand-new lucidity guide with 65 practices, an in-depth Lucidity Quiz, and 15 tailor-made lucidity programmes.

Once you find yourself in the lucid void, all you need is the right mindset. This is one of calm lucidity, meditative alertness, peaceful stillness.

I get messages from people asking me: “How can I escape from this terrible black space? I can’t see anything and it scares me!” Well, as we’ve explored in this book, dreams are thought-responsive spaces, so if we feel horrified to find ourselves in the lucid void, it will likely be a horrifying experience!

It’s like the story of the puppy who ran into a cave of mirrors – there he found a whole gang of puppies all looking right at him. Terrified, he barked – and all of them barked right back at him! Out he raced, his tail between his legs. Silence fell in the cave. His curiosity got the better of him and he ventured back inside, feeling calm and brave. To his delight, he met a whole crowd of calm puppies. He wagged his tail – and they all wagged their tails back at him!

This is how it works in the lucid void and in any dream state.

If you are having fearful dream experiences, work on calming your fear by day, by practising deep breathing, surrounding yourself in a protective egg of light, and reminding yourself: “I am safe.” Bring this serenity into the lucid black void with you, and your experience will transform in positive ways.

We are in control of our reactions to situations. We can learn to calm ourselves down and cultivate an attitude of curiosity.

Practice #64: How To Release Fear And Respond In The Lucid Void

The lucid void is a wonderous state, one of infinite creative potential. Instead of fearing it and doing all we can to escape from it, it makes so much more sense to learn how to navigate it and explore its marvellous gifts.

  • Practice calming breathing techniques or recall a moment in your life when you felt totally safe and loved. Allow this feeling of wellbeing to envelop you. Chant OM in the void to create a sensation of calm.
  • Welcome the void. It’s a place of contemplation, painlessness, and infinite creativity. If it bothers you that you can only see blackness, create some light! There is light everywhere in the void, just look for it. At first you may see pinpricks of colour, or whole swathes of glowing light.
  • If you are falling through the void, know that there is no rough landing awaiting you – these sensations are often caused when the brain transitions from the state of waking to the sleep state (hence the term, “falling asleep”). Simply relax and fall, perhaps trying out a few acrobatic feats on the way down.
  • Play with your dream body if you have one. Stretch to become as long as a ladder, or as wide as a house. You have an incredibly flexible dream body, so have some fun with it: try somersaults or impossible yoga poses. Be playful in the void. Make yourself chuckle – laughter is the best antidote to fear.
  • Build up an orchestra of musical instruments, or sing your heart out and observe the way sound causes the void to vibrate beautifully.
  • Create a new dream – visualise anything you like and watch as the dream assembles itself before your eyes. This is fascinating; it sometimes appears as swirls of energy and colour that coalesce into dream people or full-blown scenes.
  • Seek out the void whenever you get lucid. Once, I was testing how hard or easy it was to read text in a lucid dream when I read something that reminded me to head into a more expansive state:

I see the words: “Lucid dream expansion,” and I like that. “Good idea,” I think, “I’ll let this lucid dream expand.” I soar high into the air and the dream scene vanishes: I am in expansive darkness. I float bodiless in this vast, drifting space, the lucid void. It’s like being among restful black clouds – I’ve fallen into the gap between dreams again. So peaceful...

End Excerpt The Art of Lucid Dreaming by Clare R. Johnson, PhD. © 2020 by Clare R. Johnson, PhD. Used by permission from Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.,

There is amazing value in releasing fear in the lucid void, as in any state of consciousness.

When we go with the flow of lucid experiences, knowing that we will wake up safely in our beds afterwards, we open up to the most wondrous dream experiences. There’s a big focus on cultivating a lucid mindset in The Art of Lucid Dreaming, especially in terms of releasing fear and encouraging playfulness and creativity when engaging with any type of lucid experience.

art of lucid dreaming

The Art of Lucid Dreaming: Over 60 Powerful Practices to Help You Wake Up in Your Dreams is a brand-new lucidity guide with 65 practices, an in-depth Lucidity Quiz, and 15 tailor-made lucidity programmes to help you set up your own custom programme for achieving lucidity as quickly as possible.

Focusing on how to get lucid, stay lucid, and guide your dreams, this book shows how to transform your nightly slumber into an exciting adventure that fills your life with meaning. The Art of Lucid Dreaming can be ordered through your local bookstore or online via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indiebound & Llewellyn.

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