Sound Oasis S-650-1 Sleep Sound Therapy System Review

Sound Oasis S650

The Sound Oasis S-650-01 Sleep Sound Therapy System is a next-gen sound machine that creates a calming atmosphere before sleep.

Whether you want to mask outside noises, soothe a restless child, relieve tinnitus, or cut through the mind chatter with some tranquil sound effects, the Sound Oasis S650 provides high quality audio that fades out to sleep...

...and fades in again to wake you up gently the next morning.

There are 24 extra long and high fidelity audio tracks featuring clinically proven sounds from world renowned doctors. This unit also features the patented Sleep Enhancement technology that slows down sound playback to lull you to sleep. It doubles as an alarm clock with a backlight so you can wake-up to your favorite nature sound.

The Benefits of Sound Therapy

Sound therapy involves the use of subtle relaxation music and natural sound effects. With the Sound Oasis you can expect to:

  • Improve your sleep
  • Relax mentally at night
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Access meditation
  • Gain relief from tinnitus
  • Reduce the likelihood of night terrors
  • Increase your energy and performance the next day

I have been using this machine on a nightly basis and benefit from easier relaxation when I go to bed, especially if I've spent all evening at the bright glare of the computer screen (a dreadful habit, but it still happens). The gentle sound effects remind me to enter a calm place mentally; to visualize my way to dreamland and plan my next lucid dream.

These states are primers for entering real meditation - so if you're a beginner at lucid dreaming you can start to experience the kind of mental peace necessary for MILD and WILD. You might also find like I did that the soundtracks help guide your visualizations.

The creators of the Sound Oasis said nothing of stopping night terrors in their product description. However I have found this to be a major added benefit. The simple act of fully calming yourself before sleep can subvert any night terror strike later in the night and I saw noticeable results on this front.

Meditation Tracks

The soundtracks that come with the Sound Oasis are clinically proven and created by Dr Lee Bartel, an internationally acclaimed music and health expert. Here are the highlights:

  • Energy Chimes - A slowed-down chorus of crickets resonating with slow moving chimes. Creates an atmosphere of a relaxing summer evening on the deck.
  • Tranquility - The calming and delicately rhythmic sound of a xylophone combined with alpha brainwave entrainment to achieve deep relaxation.
  • Alpha Clouds - A soothing harp activates alpha brainwave patterns to promote a blissful state of relaxation.
  • Sleep Surf - Based on the Ocean Surf (see below) with musical pulsations in the delta brainwave range.
  • Delta Voyage - Rhythmic white noise with dense delta frequency entrainment to coax your mind into a restful and rejuvenating sleep. Mysterious and haunting!
  • Dream Echoes - Melodies with low delta frequency entrainment to encourage deep, restorative sleep.

Sound Effect Tracks

The device also comes with digital recordings by the world's foremost nature recorder:

  • Ocean Surf - A calm rhythm to help you drift off to sleep. I live very close to the sea and when the tide is out at bedtime, it's a neat replacement for the waves lapping at the shore.
  • Gentle Rain - A peaceful setting for relaxation; the shower sound is particularly good at masking higher toned background sounds. It is great for focus and visualizations too.
  • Stream - A rippling mountain stream helps you unwind and creates an excellent background sound. Entirely mesmerizing at a low volume as you drift off to sleep.
  • White Noise - Can sound like anything: a cascading waterfall, a gushing river, the hammering of rain, or the rushing wind.
  • Woodlands - The most serene recording, perhaps due to the absence of water sounds. Peaceful bird song fades in and out to create visualizations of a secluded forest.
  • Thunderstorm - The sound of thunder can be magical and energetic. This track is both exhilarating and soothing, bringing the sound of distant thunder as gentle rain falls on a lake.


Final Thoughts

Sound Oasis S650

I have been using the Sound Oasis S-650-01 Sleep Sound Therapy System nightly for months and none of the tracks have worn on me. I do mix them up, listening to a different one each night depending on my mood. Going to sleep in silence just isn't the same anymore. Happily, Pete finds this sound machine very relaxing too so we both benefit from faster, easier sleep.

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