101 Ideas for Lucid Dreams

101 Ideas for Lucid DreamsThinking up 101 ideas for lucid dreams was not just a whimsical way for me to pass my afternoon.

These dream seeds will help cement your lucidity and give your conscious dreams more direction.

Often, beginner oneironauts forget to set up a lucid dream intention while awake - and so when they become lucid, they do the first thing that comes to mind. For many who are fresh to the lucid fantasy realm, that means semi-lucidly chasing after basic ego-driven needs, like sexual encounters or flying. But there is much more to lucid dreaming than this!

Read through this list of 101 ideas for lucid dreams and note down your favorites. Then come up with some of your own. As you fall asleep tonight, practice the MILD technique and visualize / repeat your intention over in your mind like a mantra.


101 Ideas for Lucid Dreams

  1. Fly up to cloud level and observe the world below. This is the land of your unconscious mind - what is it like? Is it peaceful, surreal, overpopulated?

  2. Dive underwater and breathe normally without oxygen. Think of the water as being like air; it's ok to fill your lungs with it.

  3. Run super fast through fields and towns until you reach the sea.

  4. Pass through a mirror portal and emerge in a different dimension. Is this Earth II? What's different? What can you learn from this place?

  5. Go to a restaurant and eat the most extravagant thing on the menu. The flavors and texture of lucid dream food are fantastic.

  6. Stand in your back yard and look up at the night sky. Draw an infinity sign in the air and announce: "To infinity - and beyond!" Wait and see what happens ;)

  7. Morph yourself into an atom and explore the quantum world. The rules are totally different here. What bizarre new energies can you experience?

  8. Ask the dream to show you bullet-time and warp The Matrix like Neo. In this virtual world, you are in command of the laws of physics.

  9. Identify a dream psychiatrist and talk about your problems or life goals. Your unconscious mind is the best counselor in the world.

  10. Shout out to the dream: "Show me something brilliant!” If nothing happens at first, just wait, or ask again with more conviction. The dream will respond.

    Lucid Dreaming Tip

    If your lucid dream feels fuzzy, then you're only semi-lucid. Increase your level of dream consciousness by saying out loud "I'm dreaming!" and demand for "Clarity now!"

  11. Travel back in time and see how The Pyramids of Egypt were built.

  12. Soar over great mountains and valleys like an eagle. Feel the breeze against your skin, and taste the ultimate freedom of unlimited flight.

  13. Take a journey to the centre of the Earth and explore what lies within. Remember this is fantasy land. Science goes out the window...

  14. Obtain super powers like The X-Men. Bend metal with your mind, read other people's thoughts, teleport anywhere instantly, create fire and ice.

  15. Meet up with famous faces - it can be a Hollywood celebrity or academic idol. What's it like being them? Could you trade places for a day?

  16. Perform real magic in front of a live audience. Real life stage performers can use the opportunity to practice their routine in a realistic environment.

  17. Fly over New York City at night. When you're done, select a window at random and float right in - who's inside? What are they doing?

  18. Bungee jump off of the Golden Gate Bridge.

  19. Ask your dream “What are this week's winning lottery numbers?” (If anyone ever pulls this off, you deserve a Nobel Prize. Hey, it's worth experimenting.)

  20. Travel backwards in time and meet yourself as a child. What are their dreams and goals? What do they love most about life?

    Lucid Dreaming Tip

    If you can't manifest dream objects out of thin air, try turning away and willing them to appear out of view. When you turn back, your expectation will drive what has actually appeared.

  21. Travel forwards in time and meet yourself in 10, 20 or 30 years. What's changed? What wisdom does your senior self have to offer you?

  22. Induce an out of body experience and explore the world as a ghost-like entity. What's it like to observe dream figures who don't know you're there?

  23. Take your brand new Ferrari out for a spin.

  24. Run at super speed through the desert, bouncing and rolling over towering sand dunes, knowing that nothing can cause you harm.

  25. Teleport instantly across the world by closing your eyes and spinning. (Hint: keep your eyes open a little if total darkness usually causes you to wake up.)

  26. Walk through walls and observe the interior as you pass through. How does it feel to push your physical body through solid objects?

  27. Fly up into the night sky and keep going till you reach the moon. Feel a wonderful sense of cosmic peace as you distance yourself from planet Earth.

  28. Float in space and allow your physical body to dissolve before entering hyperspace. Travel beyond the known edge of the universe.

  29. Visit an alien planet and seek out intelligent beings. How different is their reality? What wisdom do they have to offer you?

  30. Shape shift into a shark and explore a tropical coral reef. How are your senses heightened or different from normal?

    Lucid Dreaming Tip

    If your lucid dream starts to fade, quickly rub your hands together while saying out loud "This is all a dream!"

  31. Go to a tranquil garden and meet up with spirit guides, angels or deities. Ask them if they have anything important they want to tell you.

  32. Paint a beautiful sunset by breathing color into the atmosphere, or swiping your hand across the sky. This is your own original dream art.

  33. Swap perspectives with your dog and experience the life of Fido.

  34. Become the billionaire owner of your own fully-staffed tropical island. Marvel at your own private beach, heated pools and banquet-style meals.

  35. Ride a superbike around a rollercoaster racetrack.

  36. Gallop on a white stallion through the breathtaking scenery of Middle Earth.

  37. Compete and win in the Olympic games. Real life athletes can practice their skills in a mighty stadium, improving muscle memory when they wake.

  38. Grow your cat into a friendly Siberian tiger who follows you everywhere.

  39. Fly through a canyon, powered by a jet pack, chasing an enemy spy plane.

  40. Win a Golden Ticket and take the tour of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Taste the guilt-free delights of your own surreal candy land.

    Lucid Dreaming Tip

    If you find it hard to fly, try little bounces across the landscape. As you build your confidence and understanding of the low-gravity dream world, flying will become more natural.

  41. Leap and bound over skyscraper rooftops on a dazzling sunny day.

  42. Be a genius contestant on your favorite TV game show.

  43. Direct the construction of your own private palace, installing state-of-the-art gadgetry and luxurious furnishings.

  44. Walk down the street in an Iron Man armored suit, destroying enemy targets, saving civilians and taking to the skies when you're done.

  45. Ask the dream to help you see music as you hear it. What form does it take? Is it fluid? Does it float? Can you touch the notes?

  46. Transform into a giant 200-foot lizard, Godzilla-style, and move through the city - aka your new adventure playground.

  47. Become invisible and play tricks on your friends. Look at your reflection in the mirror. What do you see?

  48. Become the world’s greatest rock singer and play a sold out concert at Madison Square Gardens. Pick your favorite artist or make it up as you go.

  49. Gain the ability to telepathically talk to all people and animals.

  50. Make the world's best hamburger and savour the delicious flavors of beef, cheese, bacon, gherkin, mayo, lettuce, tomato, BBQ sauce... (drool).

    Lucid Dreaming Tip

    If you expect to feel pain (say, on falling from a tree) then that will be your experience. Instead, focus on positive feelings and landing gently into the soft, bouncy ground.

  51. Tell your dream that peaceful intelligent aliens have made first contact with Earth, and you would like to be the first to meet them.

  52. Your 15th-century ancestor has just woken up from cryogenic sleep! Be their guide to the modern world and all its technology.

  53. You awaken from cryogenic sleep in the year 2500! Your descendant introduces you to the new world...

  54. Spend a day as a guest of The Simpsons. Dream in full cartoon!

  55. Invite other dream characters to take part in your lucid fantasies.

  56. Be the heroic defender of a group of survivors in the great zombie apocalypse.

  57. Morph into a fly and experience the world from its perspective.

  58. Point your finger like a magic wand to create and destroy objects in your dreamscape. What's the largest single object you can influence?

  59. Go hang-gliding over Isla Nublar, the mysterious fictional island from Jurassic Park. Observe your favorite dinosaur!

  60. Go back in time and observe the life of Jesus. Did the Bible get it right?

    Lucid Dreaming Tip

    Dream characters often represent different parts of your own unconscious self. Treat them with respect and ask for their input in your lucid dream adventures.

  61. Practice your public speaking abilities in front of a packed auditorium.

  62. Experience your favourite movie first-hand, playing the central character and allowing the plot to change course naturally for an alternate ending.

  63. Become a master ninja, gliding silently among rooftops to spy on an enemy agent. You are swift and agile... and can defy the laws of physics.

  64. Drive a super-powered battle tank down the freeway.

  65. Ride on the back of a friendly Diplodocus, Flinstones-style.

  66. Practice parkour across rooftops and revel in the freedom of movement.

  67. Morph into a majestic silver gibbon, swinging through the treetops with ease and grace. We share close common ancestors you know...

  68. Gravity suddenly does not affect you. Casually walk up your bedroom wall and onto the ceiling, then wake up your partner to see their reaction.

  69. You are a world champion fighter. Step in the Octagon and unleash hell on your mortal enemy (or anyone else who happens to deserve it).

  70. Take a flight of fancy on your futuristic hoverboard - which travels across land, sea, air... and even uphill. Marty McFly would be proud.

  71. Assume an ethereal form and possess other dream characters, Being John Malcovich style. How does the dream appear from their perspective?

    Lucid Dreaming Tip

    Dreams are a great source of creativity. Allow the dream world to express itself without logical restrictions. Music can appear from anywhere - and often from unseen sources.

  72. Create music by hopping along the horizon, forming each new sound as you make contact with the ground.

  73. Drink a love potion that makes you the most attractive person in the dreamworld. How do other dream characters look at you now?

  74. Play a relaxing round of golf with Tiger Woods on the world’s most exotic and adventurous golf course.

  75. Win $100 million on the lottery and go on a spending spree. (What do you still yearn for now that you "have it all"?)

  76. Play the role of a powerful psychic detective, employed by the Miami Police Department to solve murders.

  77. Visit a dream art gallery, displaying vast collections of your own future artwork. Memorize the details and bring them back to waking reality.

  78. Discover your telekinetic power to shape and manipulate water. Create magnificent water sculptures or invent elaborate water sports.

  79. Jump high into the air, allow yourself to fall, and feel a wonderful burst of endorphins when you hit the ground.

  80. Uh-oh... You are captured by advanced aliens and placed in a universal zoo on a distant planet. Escape!

  81. Ask other dream characters questions that are playing on your mind. Is it time for a career change? What should you name your unborn child?

  82. Summon up a wise dream character and ask them "What is reality?" Keep asking for clarification until you get an answer that blows your mind.

    Lucid Dreaming Tip

    If dream control eludes you, take a back seat. You can still enjoy heightened lucidity without manipulating the dream - allow the dreaming mind to be your pilot.

  83. Develop your powers of lucid dream telekinesis with increasingly bigger objects, starting with a pen and building up to an elephant.

  84. Enter first-person video games like Just Cause, B.A.S.E. Jumping or Left 4 Dead - and experience them in full 3D virtual reality.

  85. Become a galactic overlord! Create your own solar system and populate the planets with complex civilizations.

  86. Create a swarm of nanobots and marvel at their coordinated movements, as you control their collective goals.

  87. Practice your favorite sports and reinforce your automatic procedural memory for each set of muscle movements.

  88. Take on the viewpoint of a white blood cell, moving through your body as you fight an incoming infection.

  89. Manifest superhero powers and travel at super speeds round the planet, diving into deep blue oceans and flying to the top of the greatest mountains.

    Lucid Dreaming Tip

    Accept wisdom and inspiration from all sources. Whether it comes from a pan-dimensional being, your future self, or your pet dog, any dream advice can have meaning.

  90. Slide through a portal to another dimension and explore parallel worlds. Ask the dream to guide you to a particular world (eg, one made of pure energy).

  91. Practice dream healing. Focus on the part of your mind or body that you want to heal or improve. Experience that improvement in the dream world.

  92. Ask the dream to send forward a representative of your inner self. Ask them if they have anything to tell you, or pose burning life questions.

  93. Confront nightmare figures directly and ask them what they want, or how you can help them. Approach them with compassion.

  94. Address the underlying cause of any irrational fears. Make a pact with your unconscious that you will no longer suffer them in waking life.

  95. Look through a wormhole and observe the amazing evolution of the Earth over the last 4 billion years. What happens next?

  96. Create every detail of your ultimate happy place - a positive environment where you can go at any time, during waking life, lucid dreams and meditation.

  97. Find a quiet place in nature and meditate inside your dream. Focus your thoughts on this: "What is beyond the lucid dream world?"

  98. Ask your unconscious dreaming mind to help you recognize the dream state more often, so you may interact more frequently.

  99. Dissolve the dream state (as per Dream Yoga) and experience the purest form of consciousness without any distractions.

  100. Allow the dream to take you on an adventure, without attempting to control any aspect of it whatsoever. Simply remain lucid and open.

  101. Say out loud to your dream: "Show me the meaning of life!"

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Final Thoughts

Those are my 101 ideas for lucid dreams. Many of them involve explicit dream control and manipulation. Remember that there are many more unpredictable dream worlds open to you when you take a back seat and relinquish control. These are called passive lucid dreams. They can be just as thrilling, and sometimes deeply profound. Let your dreaming mind express itself too.

Clearly, my list is not exhaustive. I'm positive that you will have your own ideas for what makes a great lucid dream, so take a moment now to write down at least 20 of your own lucid dream ideas and intentions. Base them on any themes you like - whatever issues seem most important in your life right now. Then cement them in your mind in readiness for your next lucid dream...


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