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Ever since lucid dreaming entered the public eye in the 1980s, there have been many attempts to create the ultimate lucid dream machine. The idea is to make lucid dreaming as easy as possible - so that anyone can do it at will.

The most popular type of lucid dreaming device is an eye mask which emits visual and audio cues to the would-be lucid dreamer while they are asleep. Often this means you see flashing lights in your dreamscape, which remind you that you are dreaming. Some offer audio cues as well.

The following are my reviews of the major lucid dream machines and related technologies I have evaluated to date. Please note if you have photosensitive epilepsy, lucid dream masks that emit light are not recommended for you.

If you are a smartphone or tablet user, you may also like to check out the section dedicated to Lucid Dreaming Apps.

Top 10 Sleep Gadgets and AppsTop 10 Sleep Gadgets and Apps

Check out the top 10 best-selling, most intriguing, and downright weirdest gadgets to keep by your bedside for better quality sleep and dreams.

Aurora: The Lucid Dreaming HeadbandAurora: The Lucid Dreaming Headband

The Aurora headband by iWinks is the first of a new generation of lucid dreaming devices. The most exciting aspect? Its ability to detect exactly when you're in REM (dream) sleep.

Wake Up to The Dawn of Bedroom RoboticsWake Up to The Dawn of Bedroom Robotics

The Wakē is a new piece of sleep tech that creates your own personal sunrise while your partner sleeps on. It also has some cool lucid dreaming features...

Lucid Dream Masks

Lucid dream masks may help you achieve your goal of becoming lucid on a nightly basis. They provide an artificial aid to supplement your own efforts in dream recall and reality checking. Just a word of caution: no lucid dream machine is a magic bullet for lucid dreaming and won't train you to become a better natural lucid dreamer. So don't rush out to buy one until you understand exactly how they achieve results.

NovaDreamer ReviewThe NovaDreamer

Read my review of the NovaDreamer lucid dream mask, detailing all the features and what to expect from the new NovaDreamer II by The Lucidity Institute.

REM Dreamer ReviewThe REM Dreamer

This is my review of the REM Dreamer, Europe's answer to the NovaDreamer created by ELI Company. It shares many technical features and is considerably cheaper.

The Remee ReviewThe Remee Review

The Remee made a considerable splash in 2012 as a next generation lucid dream mask - but has it lived up to all the media excitement? Find out here.

Hypnosis and Brainwave Entrainment

The following audio products are based on scientifically based sound technologies which help you enter a deeper state of mental relaxation and meditation. There is an established link between frequent meditation and lucid dreaming, so besides the wonderful mind-body benefits of meditation, you may discover the ideal audio recording to amplify your lucid mindset.

The Lucid Dreaming MP3 ReviewLucid Dreaming MP3s

Check out my favorite brainwave entrainment MP3s for lucid dreaming, which you can use for night-time meditation, DILD and WILD lucid dreams.

The Lucid Dreaming Hypnosis MP3Lucid Dreaming Hypnosis MP3

I produced this custom recording to program the mind for lucidity through hypnotic autosuggestion. Uses classic dream visualization. Part of my Lucid Dreaming Fast Track course.

Lucid Dreaming Kit ReviewAudio Stimulation CD

Take a look at my review of the Lucid Dreaming Kit by Bradley Thompson, one of the features of which is an 72-minute Audio Stimulation CD with binaural beats.

Sound Therapy

In my search for greater relaxation at bed time I've tried and tested a number of sound therapy machines. Here are my favorites - ideal for those who find it harder to wind-down at night or suffer too much "mind chatter".

Tranquil Turtle by Cloud B ReviewTranquil Turtle by Cloud B

Tranquil Turtle by Cloud B is a soothing ocean light and sound machine that won the 2013 Infant/Toddler Toy of The Year Award. Here's why grown-ups love this critter too.

Sleepsonic ReviewThe Sleepsonic Pillow Review

The Sleepsonic Pillow is a hi-tech speaker pillow for listening to brainwave entrainment, guided meditation and other lucid dreaming audios in the hypnagogic and hypnopompic phases.

Sound Oasis S650 ReviewThe Sound Oasis S650 Review

The Sound Oasis S-650-1 sound therapy machine features clinically proven in-built meditation music and relaxation sound effects for better sleep. Read my full review.

Sleep Masks

As most serious lucid dreamers will agree: a sleep mask is an important lucidity aid to have handy in your bedroom. Not only can they help reset your Circadian rhythms, they are also thought by many to improve dream recall. For meditation and WILDs, sleep masks can help create a sensory deprived environment in which you can focus your awareness within...

Sleep Mask ReviewsTop 5 Sleep Masks for Lucid Dreaming

Sleep masks have several benefits for meditation and lucid dreaming - find out my all-time favorite mask for lucid dreaming and meditation.

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