Lucid Dreaming Day 2017: April 12th

Join The Lucid Celebrations at The Annual Online Event


Lucid Dreaming Day 2017: April 12th

Every year on April 12th, lucid dreamers around the world unite to celebrate the annual Lucid Dreaming Day.

This exciting opportunity provides a platform for passionate lucid dreamers to meet other oneironauts, take part in dream challenges, win prizes, hear from the experts and introduce the uninitiated to the wonders of dream exploration.

The event is a collaboration of lucid dream experts and researchers which is hosted online - so turn up in your pajamas and join the celebrations!

Join me now in considering the scientific roots of lucid dreaming that make April 12th such a landmark date. Plus, find out how your support of this artistic, entertaining, therapeutic and philosophical tool can benefit oneironauts around the world for generations to come.

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