Advanced Lucid Dreaming

The following articles discuss more advanced lucid dreaming practices, including creating music in conscious dreams, psychological healing and in-dream therapy, interacting with the unconscious dream self, and more.


How to Create Lucid DreamsHow to Create Music in Lucid Dreams

Pete Casale explains how he created the original song Lucid inside a lucid dream, then painstakingly replicated it digitally in the waking world.


Psychological Healing in Lucid DreamsPsychological Healing in Lucid Dreams

Do you suffer from any phobias? PTSD? Chronic anxiety? Then lucid dreams may help you. Robert Waggoner cites compelling cases of lucid dream healing.


Lucid Dream HealingPhysical Healing in Lucid Dreams

Can lucid dreams be used to heal the body? Take a look at Robert Waggoner's fascinating lucid dream research - revealing this potentially powerful new aspect of lucid dreaming.


17 Things I've Learned in 17 Years of Lucid Dreaming17 Things I've Learned in 17 Years of Lucid Dreaming

In 17 years of lucid dreaming, I've learned a lot of profound, useful and surprising lessons about the nature of dreams and consciousness.


The Lucid Dream Self10 Things to Ask Your Lucid Dream Self

A superb technique for interacting with your lucid dream self - or the awareness behind the dream. An advanced application, yet so easy to perform and yields amazing results.


10 Dreams That Changed The Course of Human History10 Dreams That Changed The Course of Human History

Here are 10 remarkable dreams of scientists, writers, musicians, mathematicians and inventors who subsequently changed the course of human history.


How to Overcome a Lucid Dreaming Dry SpellHow to Overcome a Lucid Dreaming Dry Spell

There is one prerequisite for becoming an intrepid dream explorer - an abundance of lucid dreams. But what if you're having a lucid dreaming dry spell?


Are You Dreaming? By Daniel Love: A Book ReviewAre You Dreaming? By Daniel Love: A Book Review

In Are You Dreaming? Daniel Love treats us to a modern and comprehensive analysis of the lucid dreaming landscape.



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