The Human Mind

Lucid dreaming means exploring what it means to be conscious.

Are there different levels of consciousness in dreams? How does the brain make sense of this information? Who or what is in control of the experience?

If our dreams can be so realistic as so mimic real life, can we even trust our waking senses? How do we know what's real? Are we living in a dream world? How would we know?

This section aims to take apart our automatic assumptions of consciousness and reach more meaningful conclusions. My goal is to help you probe your own beliefs and evolve them for a better understanding of reality.


Eye of Self Awareness45 Most Powerful Self Awareness Quotes

Everyone around you demands a different version of you. Open your eyes once more to the true picture of you with these 45 powerful quotes on self awareness.

Carl Jung Books12 Most Profound Carl Jung Books – Broken Down and Explained

Ever wondered about the science behind your thoughts, dreams and existence? Then these 12 books by one of the greatest analysts of the human psyche, Carl Jung, are a must read.

What Is The Self?What Is The Self?

What is the self? Do I have a soul? Am I just a series of biological processes? Comparing bundle theory vs ego theory and their implications for the self.

Is Free Will an Illusion?Is Free Will an Illusion?

Is free will an illusion? On the surface, this seems like an odd question to ask. But when you break down the neurological processes, free will is nowhere to be found.

10 Animals with Self-Awareness10 Animals with Self-Awareness

The human mind is very special, but it's not unique in its capacity for self-awareness. Here are 10 animals with self-awareness, proved by the mirror test.

7 Mental Traits Every Human Needs to Have Imagination7 Mental Traits Every Human Needs to Have Imagination

Humans are unique in our ability for imagination. But how did we evolve this free-thinking ability over all other apes?

How to Meditate for Lucid DreamingHow to Meditate for Lucid Dreaming

Meditation means emptying the mind to achieve a focused state of awareness. With a few tweaks, it can be used to harness wake induced lucid dreams.

What Is Reality?What Is Reality?

Where do we draw the line between fantasy and reality? Is something real because I imagined it? What if we share the same delusion?

The Simulation ArgumentThe Simulation Argument

Nick Bostrom's Simulation Argument is a probabilistic theory that states we are almost certainly living in a computer simulation created by future humans.

How Consciousness is Created in The BrainHow Consciousness is Created in The Brain

Scientists and philosophers have long scratched their heads over the origins of consciousness. But this new research strongly suggests we have an answer.

Seeing Faces? How Pareidolia Can Influence Your Lucid DreamsSeeing Faces? How Pareidolia Can Influence Your Lucid Dreams

Pareidolia is the tendency to see faces where there are none. But did you know you can use this psychological quirk to hack your dreams?

Did Near-Death Experiences Play a Role in Einstein's Theory of Relativity?Did a Near Death Experience Influence Einstein?

J Timothy Green highlights an intriguing link between Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity and the time-distorting Near Death Experience of his professor Albert Heim.

The Man Who Thinks He's DeadThe Man Who Thinks He's Dead

The story of Graham, a sufferer of Cotard's Syndrome, who woke up one day thinking he was he was dead... PET scans of his brain showed he wasn't far off.

Real Life ZombiesReal Life Zombies: Can Consciousness Be Controlled?

Thriving in tropical rainforests is a parasitic fungus that creates real life zombie insects. Can humans fall victim too? Can consciousness be controlled?

Synesthesia and DreamsSynesthesia and Dreams

A look at synesthesia - the ability to see music, taste words and touch time - and how this perceptual anomaly transfers to our dreams and lucid dreams.

Can't Visualize? You May Have AphantasiaCan't Visualize? You May Have Aphantasia

What's it like to live without a visual imagination? With no mind's eye to see your daydreams and replay memories? This is aphantasia.

meditation and daydreamingAre you aware of your Day Dreams?

A look at the understudied phenomena of 'day dreaming', it's scientific basis and its relationship with awareness and lucid dreaming.

Power of Visualization4 Olympian Ways to Harness The Power of Visualization

What can we learn from the Olympic champions who turn their dreams into reality?

The Power of the mind25 Inspiring Cases of The Power of The Mind

The human mind is capable of far more than dreaming. Let's look at it's power, across the whole spectrum of consciousness - and beyond.

About The Author

About The Author

Rebecca Casale is a lucid dreamer and a science writer with a special interest in biology and the brain. She is the founder of World of Lucid Dreaming and Science Me.